SurgeX Launches Defender Series Aimed at Digital Signage Market

SX-DS-156-single-view01-HR-1113ESP/SurgeX’s new Defender Series MultiPak is a multi-stage surge protector and power conditioner specifically designed to safeguard digital signage arrays. Available in four (SX-DS-154) and six (SX-DS-156) outlet configurations, the MultiPak provides advanced protection against damaging surges, spikes, over/under voltage, EMI/RFI noise, wiring faults, and other power issues that can degrade video display performance.

In addition to its multi-stage surge protection technology, the MultiPak includes COUVS (Catastrophic Over/Under Voltage Shutdown) to insures multi-panel displays will not sustain catastrophic damage from having too little or too much power voltage coming from the AC line and SurgeX ICE (Inrush Current Elimination) technology with zero cross turn-on removes the need for time delay circuit breakers or startup sequencing.

The MultiPak is designed to be concealed within the mounting system as it’s thin and low-profile and it’s rated to handle 15 Amp loads.

For complete specs, click here.