StJohn Group Brings Two French 3-chip LCoS Projectors to HomeAV Market

Blackwing 0110

Blackwing-0110StJohn Group, the U.S. importer for Cineversum, a French high definition projector company, announced this week that it will import two new projectors aimed at the HomeAV market.  Dubbed the Blackwing Two and the Blackwing Three, both are 16:9, 3-chip LCoS-based 1080p native resolution projectors that will sell for $9250 and $12,075, respectively.  Both use 200-watt, 3000 hour lamps and would be considered quiet at 19 dB and include 1.4-2.8 lenses and all the necessary connectivity required for most HomeAV installs.

The difference?  One is rated at 1000 lumens and the other at 900 – but the cheaper one is the higher brightness.  Huh?  Well, the Blackwing Three is rated at 50,000:1 contrast ratio while the Blackwing Two is rated at 32,000:1.

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