SoundTube Entertainment Announces InfoComm 2023 Plans

soundtube entertainment infocomm 2023

Nearly three decades ago, SoundTube Entertainment revolutionized commercial audio distribution by creating the open-ceiling category of speakers. Over the years SoundTube has continued to innovate and create new categories of products that advance audio distribution and simplify installations. With the introduction of the STNet series in 2013, for the first-time system designers were able to design distributed audio systems that fully resided on the network.

Join them at InfoComm 2023 in the SoundTube booth 3009 on Thursday, June 15, at 4 pm, as we celebrate a decade of STNet IP-enabled PoE audio innovation. We’re inviting press and attendees to this event, featuring complimentary beer and snacks.

Participants will also have the chance to enter our “Gift of Time” contest, mirroring our decade-long journey of saving installation time with our STNet products. The contest offers the chance to win an Apple or Samsung Watch. Contest entries will be accepted throughout the duration of the show, and the winner will be chosen randomly at the show’s end.

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The STNet series of end-point products use a single Ethernet cable for power, audio and control resulting in cost savings and reduced installation time. With all devices utilizing PoE technology and residing on the network, STNet allows for easy power distribution and management, making it suitable for dynamic audio environments like convention centers, shopping malls, hotels, and educational facilities.

SoundTube’s STNet series offers a diverse selection of formats including in-wall, surface mount, open-ceiling pendants, in-ceiling, soundbar, outdoor models and DSP amplifier, catering to a variety of installation requirements. With timbre-match sound, STNet ensures different mounting options can be combined to create a consistent audio experience. The built-in DSP capabilities enable precise tuning to optimize performance in any environment. SoundTube offers a custom color option to ensure the project’s design aesthetic is met.

The systems seamlessly integrate into existing network infrastructures or can be set up on their own VLAN making control, configuration, and monitoring simple.