Sony Debuts New C-Series, B-Series Crystal LEDs

crystal led sony

Sony Electronics just debuted two new Crystal LEDs in the form of the C-series (ZRD-C12A/C15A) with high contrast and B-series (ZRD-B12A/B15A) with high brightness. Both new displays are available in two pixel pitch sizes (P1.26-millimeter and P1.58-millimeter) for different installation needs and expand the lineup of Sony’s Crystal LED for various applications including corporate showrooms, lobbies and productions. Both series are equipped with the “X1 for Crystal LED” image quality processor.

The new displays provide what Sony calls “enhanced content” that is upscaled while maintaining high resolution (known as “Reality Creation”), smooth and artifact-free pictures without motion blur (“Motionflow”) and showcase gradation expression (“22-bit Super Bit Mapping”). Highlights also include a wide viewing angle and wide color gamut, as well as a various input signals, including HDR, HFR (120 frames per second) and 3D.

Here is Sony’s Crystal LED video for your reference:

Sony says the displays are designed to be easy to install as each display is comprised of modular and bezel-free tiles that can scale to accommodate a range of sizes, layouts and resolutions. Due to the display’s light weight and streamlined design, it can be installed in various configurations including wall-mounted or in a curved arrangement.

The Crystal LED C-series provides high contrast of 1,000,000:1. This series features a deep black coating optimized for a range of applications including use in corporate showrooms, lobbies and customer experience centers, among others.

The Crystal LED B-series offers high brightness (1,800 candela per square meter) and is designed for bright environments while maintaining a wide color gamut. This series has an anti-reflection coating with a matte finish that is especially ideal for creators, designers and production applications including virtual sets and studio backdrops. B-series was developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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Due to lower power consumption and front accessibility, the new displays can provide a reduced total cost of ownership including maintenance, after purchase. In addition, the Crystal LED C- and B-series are both fanless, ensuring quiet operation and feature a 100-240V AC power supply, providing customers with enhanced usability.

Crystal LED C-series and B-series are planned to be available in the summer.