My New Year’s Resolution Is to Obtain a CTS Certification. Come Study With Steph!


It’s that time of year again where everyone makes ridiculous resolutions they probably won’t keep. Instead of doing all that this year, I wanted to make a resolution that would be achievable — no matter how hard it seems. So, I am studying to get my CTS! To keep me accountable, my co-workers at rAVe encouraged me to make a corresponding podcast. Hence, Study With Steph was born. The idea is that this podcast will:

  1. Help everyone in the industry who has wanted to get a CTS, but has had trouble making the time for it, figuring out how to study, etc.
  2. Encourage my co-workers at rAVe to all become CTS-certified. (We’ll see if I pass first.)
  3. Use our network to find teachers, SMEs and more who can help me work out some of the subjects I have trouble on. (Hello yes I recognize most people getting this certification are integrators and therefore come with a certain type of hands-on experience I just don’t have!)

The feedback so far has been astounding! If you’ve tweeted at me, emailed me, messaged me on LinkedIn, etc., I am so appreciative of your support — and I am thrilled so many of you are taking the plunge with me. Let’s rock this thing!

My Study Process

A few of you have asked how I am going to structure my podcast episodes — I am so glad you asked. I mention this a little bit in the Rants & rAVes episode I did with Gary Kayye (below) but I am going to be loosely following the chapter structure in the “CTS Certified Technology Specialist Exam Guide, Third Edition.” Studying this way is helpful for me, but it may not be as helpful for you! So, feel free to skip around the episodes, (if you feel comfortable with video, but not so much audio, cool. I won’t judge!) and pick and choose as you see fit.

Episode 1

If you’re just joining me — no worries! I’ve only recorded one episode so far. Plus, this is made so you can join when you’re ready, whether you want to take the test at InfoComm 2021 with me, or later on. Gary and I talked about some CTS history in my first episode (corresponding with Chapter 1 of the exam guide). Check out the videocast below!

Action Items

So, you’ve watched one or both of the above episodes. Now what? First of all, decide whether you want to take the CTS exam, and when you want to take it. Next, apply to take the test with AVIXA. However, once your application is approved — you have 120 days to schedule a testing time/place with Pearson VUE. If you want to take it in June like me, it’s a little bit early to apply just yet. And yes, you have to pay $$$ to take the test. The rules and fee schedule can all be found in the CTS Exam Candidate Handbook.

Thanks for studying with me! You can sign up for email reminders about Study With Steph episodes here!