Snap One to Showcase New Solutions at ISC West 2023

Snap One ISC WestSnap One is set to demonstrate a range of new and existing products for partners at ISC West 2023 in Booth 26089.

“Snap One is happy to return to ISC West and the team is excited to meet with our partners in-person to demonstrate the latest in smart home security control, networking, surveillance, and audio solutions that will improve their installations and make more margin,” said Clint Choate, Snap One Security market director. “With our complete line of solutions, Snap One continues to support our partners with everything they need.”

Solutions include:

Luma x20 Family of Surveillance Products — The new Luma x20 family of surveillance products will make its ISC West debut this year. This line of products is fully NDAA-compliant, delivers the latest AI-powered security features and gives customers greater peace of mind while simplifying installation and long-term maintenance through full OvrC integration, according to the company.

This product family provides partners with professional setup procedures via OvrC, a cloud-based remote systems monitoring and management solution that provides 24/7 system data and accessibility to technicians, and gives users a cutting-edge experience with the Luma View mobile app, says Snap One. The app features AI-filtered events, allows saving and sharing clips, lets users scrub synchronized event footage and provides enhanced connectivity security between mobile devices and the surveillance system.

Additionally, users can enjoy automatic video stream configuration in Control4, with enhanced camera views as well as an entire new suite of surveillance features that will be available with Luma x20, including live thumbnails and a new single-camera view with custom buttons and settings in Control4. In terms of design, the new Luma x20 cameras are up to 30% more compact than previous models, providing a more sleek and discrete aesthetic.

Control4 Halo Remotes and CORE Controllers — The Snap One booth will feature several Control4 automation solutions, including the new Halo Family of Remotes and CORE Controllers. The two new Halo models include enhanced features like backlit buttons, a new graphical interface, and dual-band WiFi support, along with new features like a push-to-talk voice button.

The Control4 CORE Controllers offer a generational refresh of the hardware that runs each customer’s system and provides access to the full set of features available from the Control4 Intelligent Platform. Additionally, the controllers feature updated multi-core processors that run the Control4 OS faster and more efficiently, with power to spare for the new features and functionality currently in development.

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OvrC Ecosystem –– OvrC empowers partners and their customers with a remote system management solution that can serve as a business operating platform that helps them create successful long-term customer relationships, according to Snap One. OvrC strengthens control of OvrC systems for security clients, while reducing the need for truck rolls and system maintenance visits. Snap One says its “continual investments and upgrades to the OvrC platform provide immense value and helps partners grow their businesses without overexerting their workforce or ongoing service capabilities.”

Clare Controls — Snap One will also be showcasing a variety of solutions from Clare Controls at ISC West. The ClareOne panel and its ecosystem of encrypted sensors is supported by the FusionPro management platform, enabling security professionals and home technology integrators to simplify setup, management and troubleshooting of all ClareOne installations.

ClareVision is a competitively priced, NDAA-compliant surveillance solution that is designed for everyday security installations. ClareVision cameras can be installed as a standalone system or combined with ClareOne or Control4 for a single platform smart home experience. ClareVision’s Edge-based features like built-in analytics and SD storage, easy setup and interoperability with popular brands make ClareVision the clear choice.

In addition, the Snap One booth will also have Episode Signature/Core, Triad PDX and Episode Radiance on display as well as Araknis/Access Networks equipment and WattBox power control products. Plus, the company will also highlight its growing list of partner stores with a map of all locations, demonstrating Snap One’s commitment to providing partners local access to products and outstanding customer service.

Snap One will also have a special offer for new partner sign ups; interested parties should stop by Booth 26089 to learn more.

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