SpinetiX ARYA Cloud Content System Provides Targeted Messaging Across Lake Constance’s Infotainment Network

spinetix case study

spinetix case study 4

SpinetiX technology lies at the heart of the digital infotainment system around Lake Constance. A first for the region, the system is a digital out-of-home (DooH) network designed to reach, inform and inspire visitors of the region by providing them with high-quality targeted messaging at hallmark locations around the lake.

The challenges from the client included:

  • Easy setup, planning and distribution of content across a large geographical area
  • Allow targeted location-based messaging from multiple stakeholders
  • Sustain around-the-clock operation with the ability to turn off screens automatically to save power
  • Allow for multi-user access to the cloud platform with different levels of user permissions
  • Scale across an extensive digital signage network of screens at multiple types of locations, including hotels, visitor centers and tourist hotspots
  • Able to collect proof-of-play analytics around asset playback for monetized content
  • Easy to maintain from a centralized location

The solution was to use the SpinetiX ARYA Cloud Content system diffused across the Lake Constance Infotainment network is fed from multiple stakeholders and falls into three categories: Infotainment content, Partner content and Digital-out-of-Home (DooH) advertising.

spinetix case study 5

SpinetiX ARYA cloud enables management of the full range of content and across the entire infotainment network from a unified location at the media agency’s offices. Content from multiple sources is uploaded to the cloud and scheduled to play at specific screen locations. SpinetiX ARYA’s flexibility in managing content ensures this carefully choreographed content flow.