Silex Insight Debuts Product Using Gary Kayye’s Digital Canvas Concept Using AV-Over-IP

VC2 Multiview

Silex Insight announced that its AV-over-IP board (called VIPER) now offers 4K multiview supporting up to 12 simultaneous streams of 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) resolution, with ultra-low latency. You can place all 12 video windows on one screen, tile them, layer them or spread them anywhere across a 4K image.

The Digital Canvas is a concept that I’ve been talking about since 2016 when I began giving my keynote on 4K. You can watch the latest version of my 4K keynote as a webinar here. I’ve also talked about the Digital Canvas concept in my Kayye’s Krystal Ball article in 2017 and elsewhere about how it can be used for education and presentations.

The True 4K Multiview solution from Silex Insight can combine up to 12 video streams into one video stream for display on a single display, just by using an AV-over-IP transmitter for each source and an AV-over-IP receiver at the display side. Multiple monitors can be combined into large video walls on a standard IP network creating endless combinations without using complex video processors.

Most of the solutions on the market only support limited numbers of sources or require big computing power and memory. This is not the case here as Silex Insight offers a lightweight solution based on the unique capabilities of the VC-2 HQ codec.

With the True 4K Multiview, the user can decide what to be shown on the monitor. Easily change the stream and add, delete or resize in order to highlight what is important. Logo, text and background can be directly inserted.

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The True 4K Multiview solution can be used together with the video wall feature already available in the VIPER AV-over-IP board. Each display can combine up to 12 video streams, so the number of total streams is endless. All streams can be scaled, placed and cropped through the API to build the desired layout while being synchronized between displays using PTP.

Silex Insight has designed and developed a fully integrated board that is suited for True 4K multiview and ultra-low latency audio/video over IP. VIPER features high resolutions up to 4K/UHD over 1Gb, 2.5Gb or 10Gb Ethernet cable and is available for shipping now.