ISE 2020: ScreenBeam May Have Secretly Shown the First UCC Room Integration of a PC-Less Meeting Room


screenbeam wireless sharing product

You may know ScreenBeam as that wireless sharing company. But, at ISE, I stumbled upon a hidden demo in the back corner of the company’s stand where it had added UCC-based video collaboration into its product. (Think Barco ClickShare Conference but imagine having the Zoom client right on the ScreenBeam instead of needing a PC to host it.) ScreenBeam had private demos using four major video platforms — Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting and Webex — but had no labeling or product information about it. The ScreenBeam wireless sharing product could join a meeting and connect users to the camera, mic and speakers — no in-room PC required. But, unlike the ClickShare Conference, this ScreenBeam box hosts the Zoom Rooms meeting client right on the box itself — no need to bring a laptop to connect, either.

The preview demonstrated how users can join a video or UC-type meeting like Zoom, Teams or GoToMeeting, like an in-room participant running directly on the ScreenBeam, eliminating the need for a participant to use a PC. The ScreenBeam not only runs the UC client but directly interfaces camera, mic and speakers. And if in-room participants wish to share their individual screens, they simply connect to the ScreenBeam receiver.

There’s nothing online on ScreenBeam’s website about it, but here is another picture we grabbed from the ScreenBeam stand at ISE 2020.

screenbeam wireless sharing 2