Signagelive Incorporates Near Field Communications tags (NFC) and Beacon Technology

ibeacon-0216Signagelive has incorporated Near Field Communications (NFC) tags and Beacon technology into its SoC (System on Chip) and HTML5 software, enabling its customers to take static smart signage networks into the interactive world. These latest enhancements will be launched at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) taking place at the RAI, Amsterdam from 9-12 February. Signagelive can be found in Hall 8 on booth no 8-K318.

At this year’s event the Signagelive booth will be laid out to replicate a selection of real world user cases for digital signage, including the retail market, to demonstrate how applications such as assistive Point of Sale (PoS) and triggered live TV can enhance the retail experience by encouraging interaction with displayed content.

Using Signagelive, contextual and responsive applications can be quickly and easily created in a cloud environment, eliminating the need for costly onsite servers and other hardware, providing a single management interface for both standard and interactive digital signage applications.

Signagelive’s cloud-based software platform is written in HTML5 and provides full support for different content formats including static images, HD video, web pages, IPTV, multi-zoning for different media types, image layering, RSS feeds, portrait support and screen on and off control. It also comprises enterprise-grade management of SoC commercial panels, optional proof of content and delivery functionality for better network and campaign management.

Signagelive is here.