New Hire Training Track Available from CEDIA

new-cedia-logo-1015A comprehensive, 20+ hour New Hire Training Track is now available exclusively for CEDIA members. The track includes 10 CEDIA eCourses, as well as a hard copy of CEDIA’s Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems book. Purchased separately, the cost of this training would exceed $800, but CEDIA members may purchase the track for only $299 per employee.

“This training is in direct response to what we’ve heard across the industry — finding, keeping, and motivating qualified talent is challenging. We want to help alleviate this pain point with tools that are affordable for small businesses and tailored to home technology professionals. New hires can take courses at their own pace to supplement their on-the-job training,” said Luke Amos, Director of Online Learning.

CEDIA’s eCourses are designed with the busy schedules of home technology professionals taken into account. Participants may return to the course and pick up where they left off if they are not able to complete it in one sitting. Additionally, eCourses include a mix of quizzes, activities or downloadables such as worksheets, reference documents and diagrams.

Amos adds “As we design online training, we want it to be engaging and for participants to feel confident that they’ll be able to take what they learned to the job site.”

After purchasing the new hire training track, eCourses may be accessed for one year. Company owners looking to find recommended training for the rest of their staff can consult with CEDIA’s training team here.