Roasters Market Signage Expansion Includes Crimson AV, Signagelive and LG

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Oklahoma-based Roasters Market serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with craft coffee beverages and smoothies. Adding digital signage meant working with Coffman Media to create menu boards to drive brand awareness.

Roasters Coffee is a unique player in the coffee industry and has set itself apart by venturing into building native coffee brands rather than following the franchise model. The company is currently in the process of establishing proof of concepts for its innovative approach. The goal for Roasters is to expand into convenience stores and mid-market chains, providing a seamless coffee experience for customers, whether they are inside the store or going through the drive-thru.

Challenges and Solutions: 
For quick-service establishments like Roasters, success of a new build often hinges on effective coordination among various trades and stakeholders. This case study delves into a particular project where unforeseen challenges tested the team’s ability to adapt and collaborate seamlessly, ultimately meeting the client’s target deadline.

The project involved the construction of a new quick-service establishment, and given the complexity of such builds, effective communication and coordination between different trades and the general contractor were critical for success. The client had a strict timeline to meet, as the establishment’s opening date was tied to the initiation of revenue generation.

Upon arrival at the site, the team at Coffman Media discovered discrepancies in the readiness of essential elements, such as cables and power supply. The information relayed to the general contractor regarding the preparedness of these crucial components was not accurate. This unexpected hurdle posed a potential threat to meeting the project’s three-month turnaround time.

Despite the challenges, the team quickly mobilized to address the issues at hand. A key strategy was maintaining open lines of communication with the general contractor and other trades involved. Clear and transparent communication became paramount in navigating through the complexities of the project.

Roasters Coffee aims to create a unified and seamless experience for customers, emphasizing consistency whether they are making a quick stop on their way to work or spending more time inside the store. The challenge lies in maintaining this cohesion across different locations and ensuring that the Roasters brand identity is preserved throughout.

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Given the potential saturation in the coffee market based on geographical locations, Roasters Coffee is strategically assessing where it makes sense to establish its roast houses. Understanding the dynamics of different regions is essential to avoid over-saturation and maximize market potential.

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Digital Signage as a Marketing Tool
Part of Roasters Coffee’s marketing strategy involves the effective use of digital signage. The company recognizes the importance of leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and convey its brand message. Implementing digital signage solutions is seen as a key element in not only marketing the Roasters Coffee brand but also in laying the groundwork for future collaborations with other consumer operators.

As Roasters Coffee navigates through its proof of concepts, the focus is on laying a robust foundation that can be easily scaled. The company aims to go beyond its own brand, envisioning collaborations with other consumer operators. Achieving scalability involves mastering key components such as operations, marketing, and the integration of digital signage across various locations.

Coffman Media collaborated with Roasters Market to find menu board options for both their indoor and outdoor areas. QSRs often opt for commercial LCD displays from brands like LG because they offer durability, reliability, visibility, customization, and the support needed in a commercial restaurant environment. The LG displays selected are engineered for 24/7 operation and use in harsh environments where steam, heat, grease and airborne particulates are present.

As a Certified Platinum Partner with Signagelive, Coffman Media tapped them to deploy their cloud-based, enterprise-level software to showcase their menu offerings. In QSRs, speed and accuracy are paramount. When customers can clearly see bright, well-organized menus and promotional content, along with high-resolution images of the food items, they can more easily make their decisions on the spot. This helps keep the lines moving so customers can get their orders quicker, enjoy their meal and get back to their day – especially important if they’re on their work lunch break. Signagelive also helps in perceived wait time – by displaying entertaining content, such as video clips, customers are given something to do while they wait in line or at the table.

Crimson AV provided the ceiling mounted menu board solutions. Crimson’s CMKIT’s were used to provide an in-line multi-display menu board with a single pipe dropped from the ceiling. These Kits can hold displays up to 75”, and can be scaled to hold as many displays as needed. Aligning multiple monitors can be challenging, the Crimson in-line system features independent vertical and roll adjustments, unlimited lateral shift and easy tilt adjustment, which simplifies this process and reduces installation time.