Doing the Show: cAValry Rides Episode 7

Here it is — Episode 7 of The cAValry Rides Show: Hijacked! Women, AV, Pirates – Don’t Touch That Dial! After 6 episodes of a show that began in late November 2014, we believe that each show builds bigger and our guests have all been terrific. Each show has been unique in its format and even though we’ve had a few guests on several shows, they continue to bring great content.

In episode 7 we have:

Along with show host Mark Coxon, co-hosts Corey Moss, Chuck Espinoza and Stacy Kringlen are:

Top row: Kari Rae Seekins (RIVA Creative) Second row: Tory Holmwood (Advanced AV), Penny Sitler (Draper Inc.), Gina Sansivero (FSR Inc.) Bottom Row: Victoria Ferrari (Synergy CT), Kelly Perkins (AVI Systems)

cavalry episode 7 pic

While this has been utter enjoyment for the four of us to co-host the show (and Tory will be joining us as a co-host in the next episode), there is also a lot of hard work that goes into it in terms of producing, setting schedule for all, coming up with features and content, titling and show description write-up and more. What you have heard in episodes 1-6 are the outcomes of these efforts and here in episode 7 you’ll not only get to find out more about these noteworthy women in the industry (or should we say their lighter side), you’ll also hear the introduction of Kari Rae Seekins to the AV insider (Tweeps) environment.

We also interview the Drunk Naked Pirates a rock band in DC Metro in Chuck’s Sound Check, which you’ll hear in a few shows including the first episode with our cAValry Rides Canadian Power Trio out of Vancouver Drowning in the Mainstream (DITM) who provides our show intro and outro music.

If you haven’t heard show episode 7 yet, here is the link. And get ready, we’ll be around for quite some time (so we’ve been told) with many episodes to come.