Sharp Debuts the 70″ PN-L705H 4K Resolution AQUOS BOARD

Sharp has introduced its first 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3840×2160) AQUOS BOARD interactive display system. The 70″ PN-L705H interactive display offers Sharp’s Pen-on-Paper user experience that they says makes writing comfort close to using an actual pen on paper. The PN-L705H interactive display is especially designed for architecture, design, corporate collaboration, museums and libraries because of it’s ability to be mounted in various configurations (including flat).

The LCD panel in the new AQUOS BOARD is native 3840×2160-pixel and is bonded directly to the protective glass layer, thereby eliminating the air gap between them, for a consistent and natural feel when writing. It uses capacitive touch technology and has an expansion slot compatible with the Intel Mini OPS system including a optional wireless board (PN-ZB03W), an HDBaseT receiver board (PN-ZB03H) or media player (PN-ZB03AO).

It lists for $15,795 and here are all the detailed specs.