Seymour-Screen Introduces Color Temperature-Tunable Back-Lighting Kit for Film Screens

Seymour-Screen Excellence has brought to market the CEDIA channel’s first-ever tunable white bias lighting kit. The offering is unique in that it can be adjusted from 3,000K to 20,000K to achieve a true 6,500K Kelvin color temperature Properly-calibrated back-lighting (also known as hue) behind and around the film screen serves to improve contrast and reduce eye strain. This is especially useful when combining a high-brightness projector with an ambient light-rejecting (ALR) film screen in a darkened room setting.

The kit is comprised of LED light strip assembly that gets taped around the rear of the fixed-frame film screen. Via the kit’s IR remote, the calibrator can bring the color temperature up or down to best suit the wall-color, using a color meter (not included) to measure the temperature. “If the walls are yellow or orange, the kit would be dialed toward a blue (or cool) tint to increase the ambient bias lighting up to 6,500K. Conversely, if the walls are on the bluish side, the kit would be dialed toward the warm-end to decrease the ambient bias lighting down to 6,500K,” explained Seymour.

Ambient light-rejecting (ALR) film screens are beneficial in rooms subject to daylight or other lighting that cannot be completely controlled – albeit a multi-purpose entertainment room or dedicated theater. Additionally, some homeowners are opting to use a high-brightness projector with an ALR screen to achieve an eye-popping large screen experience that exceeds the size of a flatscreen TV. While ALR screens have been popular over the years, they have been prone to problems that affect performance, namely issues such as color shifting, hot spotting, ringing, sparkling, etc.

You can get it here.