Séura Launches Storm Ultra Bright 65 inch Outdoor TV

sunbrite-uhd-0715Séura has added a 65 inch TV to its Storm Ultra Bright line of outdoor televisions. The 65 inch Séura Storm Ultra Bright, their brightest outdoor TV for direct sunlight viewing, is a 4K UHD screen integrated with their LuminOptics technology. Spec’d to output 630-nit screen brightness is is built with a dual-layer anti-reflective screen coating as well as UV coated glass that they say prevents screen washout. The Activ Airflow system keeps the electronics operating smoothly regardless of the extreme heat from the sun.

Built for the outdoors, the Séura Storm Ultra Bright is rated for all seasons with a multi-climate temperate range from -30°F to 140°F and has an IP56 weatherproof design that survives rain and snow. Designed and tested in the summer heat and frigid winters in Wisconsin, Storm Ultra Bright claims to be tough. Séura’s outdoor TVs feature a Triple Lock Seal that provides three barriers of protection against outdoor elements, including: moisture, ice, dust, insects, etc. Séura outdoor TVs are tested and certified for safe outdoor usage.

Here are all the specs.