Séura Adds Smart Lights for Lighted Mirrors at Lightapalooza 2024

seura lightapalooza 2024

Séura, unveils its latest in bathroom lighting technology with the introduction of Séura Smart Lights. These tunable integratable LED lights are designed to “seamlessly enhance any custom Séura Lighted Mirror, offering unparalleled control and customization to users’ daily grooming rituals.”

Séura Smart Lights include LED color control, brightness control, color temperature adjustments and personalized scene creation. By incorporating comprehensive digital control, users can adjust lighting levels to suit their specific tasks, preferences, or time of day, positively impacting mood and productivity.

Séura Lighted Mirrors with Smart Lights integrate into the smart home ecosystem via the WiZ Connect Smart Home Lighting App and Control4 Home Automation Platforms. With the ability to create and access personalized scenes such as “Morning Prep” or “Night Light,” users can enjoy a tailored lighting experience that evolves with their daily routines.

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