Blue Line Innovations Launches EnergyCloud Web Platform and Mobile App

blueline-energy-0715Blue Line Innovations just launched its EnergyCloud web-based energy portal and mobile app, designed to help users of the PowerCost Monitor understand their electricity usage through a secure platform that collects electricity readings from connected homes via the PowerCost Wi-Fi Bridge device.

The EnergyCloud mobile app allows you to view electricity usage in real-time, receive alerts that require attention, such as a low sensor battery condition, and allow users to subscribe to and share their electricity data to advanced third party analytics apps. You can also view your “Right Now” power as well as this month and last month totals including your “phantom load” or “always on” power usage. The iOS version is available for iPhone 4S and later, with an Android version coming soon.

The Wi-Fi Bridge device can be purchased as an add-on for the PowerCost Monitor or as a stand-alone product bundled with the patented Blue Line optical sensor. The PowerCost Monitor along with the Wi-Fi Bridge is a wireless, portable, real-time energy reporting system for the home and small business. The PowerCost Monitor is available here.