AV Power Up! – Episode 16: Pardon the Unexpected Delay, We Now Return You To This Show

PowerUP_logo0708We have been required by rAVe management to let you know that we experienced a bit of a disruption (eh?) in the schedule at the beginning of the week, and while we fully expected to deliver that usual experience, a certain delay in production has caused us to actually cut some time off of this one. We always strive to bring you the best (and longest) possible product, however you’re just going to have to accept that we’ve brought you what we could at this time and you’ll just have to potentially wait for the rest. In fact, our guests have agreed to return at a later date to finish this thing, under protest of course. Then again, you may just be happy with what you’ll get here. Call marketing – we definitely need to put some good spin on this one…

Join host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender and the Crew: Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss, Chuck (@madsoundguy) Espinoza, Hope (@BeerAndPie) Roth, Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota, Rich (@RichardPrevete) Prevete and Jeremy (@jeremy_caldera) Caldera as they welcome guests:

Katye (McGregor) Bennett (@katyemcgregor) – CEO/Chief Strategist at KMB Communications

Tim Bigoness (@tbigoness) –  VP Sales & Marketing at D-Tools

We have two great guests on with us this week and thank goodness because they got the full Power Up treatment – as so many are standing in line to get as well (makes us wonder). Katye brings great discussion and perspectives on the residential and commercial markets with discussion of InfoComm, CEDIA and more. Tim delivered some great D-Tools discussion and now we know that wherever he appears, Katye has to show up with him, since every word Tim said showed up in the chat window as Katye was typing as fast as she could. Now THAT is PR and Biz Dev for sure!

Christa demands that Corey “Stir the Pot” with some discussion of Microsoft and that giant wall computer as well as talk of a new Windows version (now what’s that number?), and Hope contributes in the only way that Hope can – yep, you got it. Chuck brings the Power (Up) with something old, something new, something borrowed… OK, enough. And you say you didn’t hear Stacy’s voice? That’s because we muted her through the whole show and while Rich thought he was muted through part of it, he really wasn’t (don’t tell him). But he does do the Hot Jobs and announces some of our great AV Power Up Twitter followers at the beginning of the show. Jeremy appears on the show from a hotel on the outskirts of a remote location somewhere in the U.S. Crappy Wi-Fi? No comment.

Does Johnny Stuff a Thing? Does 4K cause total commotion in the AV industry?

So if you do want more, go ahead and join in the conversation while you’re listening – we won’t care; we make it all up as we go along anyway. And if you really want to feel like a part of the show…


Run time: 1 hour

Note: Any opinions of the Power Up crew are solely their own and not representative of the organizations for which they work.