rePLAY InfoComm 2023 Day 3 — The Wrap-Up

Megan&Steph Day3

Welcome to the final day of rePLAY InfoComm 2023, during which our hosts, Megan A. Dutta and Steph Beckett, highlight some of their favorite moments on the show floor at this year’s InfoComm. On the final day of rePLAY, Megan and Steph highlighted product categories that are just beginning to become integrated into the ProAV industry, such as broadcast and security.

Kicking Things Off- PTZOptics Booth Tour

Megan and Steph kicked things off by showing Megan’s tour of PTZOptics’s booth, which you can check out here.

The Broadcast Report

Megan and Steph moved on to highlight some of the best broadcast AV solutions they saw.

Brompton Technology TrueLight

TecNec Manufactured Cable Offerings

RGBlink Field and Reference Monitors

PTZOptics Studio Pro

Steph Interviews Datavideo

Next, Megan and Steph showcased Steph’s interview with Rob Read from Datavideo, where they discussed Datavideo’s newest product, iCAST mini. You can check out the full interview here.

Security Solutions

Megan and Steph moved on to highlight their favorite security products on the show floor:

Airtame Rise Vision

Christie Hedra Control Room

Datapath Aetria

Show Floor Interviews

Megan and Steph also highlighted Gary Kayye’s interviews with Barco, PlexusAV and Matrox Video. You can view the full interviews here, here and here.

Extended Reality

Next, Megan and Steph showcased solutions from Megan’s favorite product category, extended reality.

Headwall Granite

XTEN-AV X-VRSE VR AV System Design Software

AVI-SPL VR Design Services

Jalinga Augmented Reality Meeting Room and Presentation Tool

More Interviews!

Up first, Keith Yanke from Sharp NEC Display joined Steph to discuss the AQUOS BOARD and other products. Check out the full interview here.

Next, Kelly Perkins from SAVe joined Megan to discuss sustainability efforts at tradeshows like InfoComm.

Our hosts also shared Steph’s interview with Visix Inc’s Sean Matthews to discuss Visix’s new ePaper line.

Steph also spoke with Erin Maher-Moran from HETMA to talk about HETMA’s larger presence at InfoComm 2023 and representing end users in the ProAV industry.

Finally, our hosts shared Gary Kayye’s interview with Wyrestorm’s Jim Reinhardt.

Bringing Young People Into the Industry: Esports

Esports had its biggest presence yet at InfoComm 2023, which Steph and Megan hope helped get young people interested in the ProAV industry. Steph said she thinks one of the biggest problems with the ProAV industry is a lack of young industry members, and Esports may be part of the solution to this problem. With that in mind, Megan and Steph showcased some of their favorite Esports solutions:

AVI Systems Esports Live

ViewSonic Esports Display Solutions


Spectrum Industries Showcasting Station

One Last Segment

Our hosts shared their final roundup of their favorite miscellaneous products at InfoComm 2023:

HOLOSCAPE Muxwave Mesh dvLED

Windy City Wire Velocity Kit

Amtran Technology 240Hz OLED Gaming Monitor

Interview With Userful

The final day of rePLAY ended with an interview with rePLAY 2023 sponsor, Userful. Shane Vega joined Gary Kayye to discuss Userful’s newest software platform, Infinity.

To view the final day of rePLAY InfoComm 2023 for yourself, you can check it out on demand here!