rAVe Shoots InfoComm in 720p

720p-0613For five years, we’ve attended the ProAV’s flagship North American-based tradeshow and shot thousands of videos of all the new products launched at the show. In fact, we’ve had over two million video views of our InfoComm videos over the years.

Well, in 2013, we’re shooting them all in 720p. After years of shooting them in 480p, we’ve decided the bandwidth for streaming 720p videos to you is readily available to most rAVe readers, so we’re bringing them to you in HD. Of course, since all of them are streamed on our site via YouTube, you can always step down the resolution by simply clicking on the “spoke” image in the lower right hand corner of any YouTube video and stream it in 360p or 480p if you happen to have a slower Internet connection, but enjoy them in 720p, if you can…

To see every video we’re shooting here at InfoComm 2013, go to our dedicated InfoComm microsite.