Rants & rAVes — Episode 1247: Sony Will Show Virtual Production at InfoComm 2023, Along with 16 New BRAVIA Displays and Much More

rants&rAVes template 1247

My next pre-InfoComm-2023 videocast features Sony’s director of B2B sales and marketing, Mark Bonofacio, who details everything you can expect in its booth next week. In addition to 16 new BRAVIA displays — in three new product lines — Sony has decided to focus its in-booth virtual (XR) production set on corporate and live event production rather than Hollywood-style set design. This will be exciting for AV integrators since this is the application we would be more likely to sell. In addition to XR production and the new LCDs, Sony will show the latest Crystal LED — the BH and CH-Series — and a new 27” version of its spatial reality display, too! So, make sure you plan to go by booth #1701 at InfoComm and, in the meantime, watch this! Sony’s InfoComm 2023 microsite is here: