Absen K Plus Chosen for Video Wall Backdrop on Late-Night Belgian Mainstream TV Program

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Absen’s K Plus was chosen as the video wall backdrop for a late-night panel discussion on Belgian mainstream television. The 3.2-million-pixel display delivers relevant content to complement the lively on-screen debates. Visual experience design & production company, Painting With Light, supplied and installed the screen, working closely with Van Domburg Partners — a leading LED distributor in the Benelux Region.

De Tafel Van Vier is a popular late-night chat show on Play4, a Belgian-Flemish commercial television channel which is filmed at Play Zuid, a live entertainment venue and TV studio in Antwerp. The show is hosted by Gert Verhulst, a well-known media personality in the region and covers current affairs that can provoke lively debates amongst the host and panellists. The live show is broadcast daily from Monday to Thursday, with panel guests who have played a leading role in the week’s current affairs.

The live entertainment venue and TV studio upgraded to the cutting-edge Absen LED wall to amplify the show’s talking points. The installation required a 10x2m LED wall to display still images, animated graphics and video playback, curating an interesting background to set the scene for various topics of discussion, all in 4K definition for televised programming. Painting With Light (PWL) were asked to provide and install the best solution for the studio. PWL consulted with the distributor, Van Domburg Partners who ultimately recommended the Absen K Plus series; capable of meeting the challenge of providing a high-quality display to both an in-studio and remote broadcast audience, all within a tight budget set by the station.


Laurens De Baere, Account Manager at Van Domburg Partners commented “We faced the challenge of needing to provide a high-quality product that met the studio’s budget and was immediately available. Our long-standing relationship with Absen meant familiarity with the products and knowledge that they can achieve incredible on and off-camera performance at a competitive price point, achievable for a wide range of clients.”

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To test the suitability of the Absen product, PWL conducted a series of camera tests and found the K plus series performed exceptionally well, with no flicker and ideal colour replication. The K plus series also had key features that helped them overcome challenges in installation.

“The LED wall was mounted on a custom-made wooden wall structure. Absen’s new floating connector allowed for a cable-free connection between the module and panel, this helped us whilst working with the wooden structure as we did not have any additional loose elements interfering with our delicate work. It was much easier to make sure each step was completed with precision.” comments Michiel Vanderhenst, Technical Designer at PWL.

The Absen K plus series is well designed to meet the needs of live television broadcasting, with fine adjustment grayscale technology, even under low brightness, it perfectly displays details in dark areas of the picture. Additionally, colour precision management technology makes intelligent adjustments to match the display’s colour gamut range to the source. By producing natural scenes with no colour deviation, audiences can view the content as it is intended.

Providing an excellent viewing experience for the remote and live viewing audiences, the LED wall incorporates 3.2 million pixels, resulting in 4K vision display. This is accompanied by a refresh rate as high as 3840Hz which enables the camera to capture the content displayed with no scan lines, meaning the quality of viewing is not comprised for the vast audience watching from home.

Christian Czimny, Industry Product Development Director at Absen concludes “We are proud to produce cutting-edge technology which provides flexibility for a variety of projects as well as finding the right balance of great quality and competitive pricing. We are delighted to be involved with such a successful installation where the studio set-up enhances the live production.”

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