Utelogy Now Offers Support for Sony Professional BRAVIA Displays, VPL Series Projectors

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Utelogy Corporation has announced a partnership with Sony in which Utelogy now offers support for Sony’s Professional BRAVIA displays and VPL series of laser projectors and will be adding support for Sony’s SRG and BRC line of PTZ and Remote cameras.

Through this partnership, Utelogy users can expect integration of Sony’s Professional BRAVIA Displays and VPL series projectors with the Utelogy Platform, resulting in proactive alerts and monitoring capabilities for an unparalleled user experience. Users will gain complete insight and management of the Sony Professional BRAVIA system, including the ability to launch popular Smart TV apps such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more, retrieve and adjust display settings, reboot devices, and power them on and off effortlessly.

This makes Sony a partner for Utelogy’s Utelligence Program for control, monitoring, and security and earning Sony the designation of Utelligent+.