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AV Insider — Episode 173: Capitol Sales: More Than Just National Electronics Distribution & Fulfillment For Dealers, Integrators And Resellers

March 14, 2019

Chris Scanlan, Sales Engineer at Capitol Sales, speaks with me about distribution for the AV & IT industry. We also cover fascinating topics like free design, order fulfillment, and how having a trained and knowledgeable staff from the industry helps their dealers and resellers succeed in their projects. We also talk about a few shows […]

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AV Insider — Episode 172: Restrepo Innovations — Where Passion Meets Profession

March 4, 2019

Mike Restrepo, Owner of Restrepo Innovations, speaks with me about his relatively new company, Restrepo Innovations, where he loves what he does, and forms a bond with each client to fulfill their dreams in the form of integration & automation. Mike details things in which separates his company from the pack, but also talks about […]

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AV Insider — Episode 171: InFocus: Collaboration That Fits

February 19, 2019

Glenn Jystad (Director of Product Marketing) & I, speak about InFocus’ wondrous panel offerings for the Business, Higher-ED, & K-12 spaces, and so much more. Glenn Jystad joined InFocus in 2014, and is currently the Director of Product Marketing at InFocus. Glenn has contributed to bringing the InFocus Mondopad line to market as including the […]

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AV Insider — Episode 170: KEF Audio: Give Your Music The Space It Deserves

February 18, 2019

Jack Sharkey, Content Creation Manager and Digital Music Product Manager at KEF, graces the airwaves of AV Insider again, only this time we are discussing new products such as the LSX Wireless that truly defines what Wireless Audio should be like in terms of audio quality. We also discuss new audio formats, and the future […]

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AV Insider — Episode 169: Wisdom Audio: The Sound Of Modern Living

February 14, 2019

Ron Rouse, VP of Sales at Wisdom Audio, speaks with me about Hi-Fi, & new products at Wisdom Audio. We cover everything from brand new products, that you’ll have to listen to learn about on this episode of AV insider, to new audio formats available today. For those who are unaware, Wisdom Audio provides high-performance entertainment […]

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AV Insider — Episode 168: LUXUL: Join The Roaming Revolution

January 24, 2019

Jeff Curtis, & Josh Thurman were invited back to AV insider to discuss the most important thing about AV, which is your network. Don’t agree with me? Listen to these two important key players at Legrand’s networking brand, Luxul, discuss the importance of continually continuing networking education, what type of devices live on your network, […]

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AV Insider — Episode 167: Alea Labs Room-By-Room Comfort, Air Quality, & Energy Savings: Meet The Most Advanced Air Distribution Platform Ever

January 17, 2019

Hamid Farzaneh, CEO of Alea Labs, and I speak about air quality and why it’s important to not only the your enjoinment outdoors, but more importantly, indoors. We cover this topic from residential to light commercial applications, and how Alea Labs has really created something unique that nobody else is doing yet — but should […]

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AV Insider — Episode 166: Hegel Music (North America) Emerges Supreme Into North America’s CI Space

January 10, 2019

HEGEL Music Systems, world-renowned for high-performance audio electronics, has appointed Brad Paulsen as their new National Sales Manager for the US. Brad will add to the existing team, working closely with Hegel senior sales management Eileen Gosvig and Anders Ertzeid to grow and expand the company’s presence in the US Market. Brad joins us again […]

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AV Insider — Episode 165: Screen Innovations: The Sky Is Not The Limit

January 9, 2019

Blake Vackar, VP Sales and Brand Manager at Screen Innovations, speaks with me about the latest and greatest “Screen Innovations” over at SI Screens. We cover everything to screen projections in space to, commercial applications, and phenomenal playback for all of us still living on earth. We talk about a few things I wont mention here […]

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AV Insider — Episode 164: AtlasIED: Innovative Mass Communication Solutions

January 7, 2019

Gina Sansivero, VP, Marketing and Corporate Communications at AtlasIED, speaks with me about her new role at Atlas IED. Gina & I speak about all things AtlasIED; what’s new, what’s coming, what to expect at tradeshows, and things she’s hopeful to achieve in the coming year of 2019. Of course we talk about AtlasIED’s roadmap, but […]

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AV Insider — Episode 163: ZOOM: One Consistent Enterprise Experience

January 3, 2019

Laura Padilla, Head of Business Development & Channel at Zoom, speaks with me about Universal Communication and Collaboration, all things Zoom. We talk about what separates Zoom them from the pack of similar companies providing similar services in UCC. We also cover Zoom rooms, Zoomtopia, and a few AV insider “you can on hear about […]

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AV Insider — Episode 162: Nakymatone: Create music in your unique space, without visual distraction

December 20, 2018

Eric Nakkila, CEO of Nakymatone, speaks with me about the latest advancements of his invisible loudspeaker company, and the direction moving forward into 2019. We cover everything from new models, what to expect at CEDIA 2019, and more AV Insider secrets that you can only hear on this episode of AV Insider. Podcast: Play in […]

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AV Insider — Episode 161: Technical furniture and mounting systems from Middle Atlantic

December 17, 2018

Megan Knedler, Director, Product Management — Furniture, speaks with me about Legrand/Middle Atlantic’s forward thinking furniture design in the Pro AV space. We cover everything from ADA compliant furniture, and some AV Insider secrets. Megan shares her talent and passion with us on this episode, and also lends dome foresight into Legrand’s AV Furniture Division; […]

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AV Insider — Episode 160: BenQ: When Color and Video Accuracy Matter Most

December 4, 2018

Bob Wudeck, Senior Director at BenQ North America, speaks with me about BenQ’s most excellent solutions, specifically in the Monitor & projector space for business solutions and CinePro. We cover everything form accuracy to clarity and performance, which BenQ is known for. We also talk about a few AV Insider firsts, that you can only […]

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AV Insider — Episode 159: Key Digital: Key to System Integration Success – Intelligent Control Selection

November 21, 2018

Dan O’Donnell, VP of Sales at Key Digital speaks with me about their roots in AV, where Key Digital has expanded into; which is far beyond the birth of the DVD, signal extension and switching. We cover everything from their history, to their future, as well as a few up coming AV Insider firsts, you […]

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AV Insider — Episode 158: Kaleidescape: The Finest Cinematic Experience In The World’s Best Venue – Your Home

November 16, 2018

Tim Barnes   VP Sales Operations, speaks with me about all things new at Kaleidescape. If you’re not already familiar with this brilliant media server/distribution company with added movie perks, go back and listen to episode 20 fist to get a better understanding of this extraordinary California based company, and then take a deep dive into this […]

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AV Insider — Episode 157: Rise Up & Roam With Legrand’s Luxul

October 24, 2018

Jeff Curtis and Josh Thurman both grace the AV Insider airwaves again, and this time we recap CEDIA 2018 announcements, as well as discuss the future of Luxul, a brand of Legrand. If you’re not familiar with either Jeff of Josh, please go back and listen to Episode 78 (Jeff’s first appearance) and Episode 129 […]

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AV Insider — Episode 156: Stewart Filmscreen: 70 Years of Innovation & Delivering the Highest Quality, Future-Proof Projection Screens Available

October 15, 2018

Robert Keeler, VP of sales at Stewart Filmscreen and I speak about new product announcements at CEDIA, Rob’s background, the future roadmap for Stewart Filmscreen, a more consumer friendly approach online, and a few hidden gems that you can only hear on this episode of AV Insider. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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AV Insider — Episode 155: One Vision Resources: The Art and Science of Service

October 5, 2018

Joey Kolchinsky, Founder & CEO at OneVision Resources, & Jason Griffing, Partner Development at OneVision, speak with me about the art and science of service, and what exactly “Service. Solved.” means. What it means for the integrator, the client, and more importantly, what it means for that relationship. Joey & Jason both provide crucial knowledge […]

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AV Insider — Episode 154: Home Technology Association: Home Technology Certification Defined

September 26, 2018

Josh Christian and I discuss the growth, & expansion of HTA Certified dealers across the united states; we also talk interest in other countries as well, and what that means for better designed and built homes. If your’e not familiar with the Home Technology Association, go back and listen to AV Insider episode 126, where […]

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AV Insider — Episode 153: Videxio: Simple, Productive Video Calls and Meetings From Anywhere

September 21, 2018

Karl Hantho, President of The Americas at Videxio, speaks with me about all things Videxio, and how they are changing the way business and communication is done in the modern world. What does that mean you integrators, and the end users, find out the answers to these questions along with finding all about universal communication […]

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AV Insider — Episode 152: Envisage Sales Inc: A Passionate AV Manufacturers Rep Firm

September 12, 2018

Jay Reitz, Principal at ESI Manufacturers Representatives, speaks with me about his passion for high-quality audio, how he uses passion to represent the finest SV & Technology brands, and educates his dealer base to be successful & knowledgeable AV Professionals. We cover everything form hi-res audio to actual audio trends in today’s market places, in […]

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AV Insider — Episode 151: Simplify Your Home, Office, Business, & World with RTI; A Pioneer In Control & Automation Technology.

September 5, 2018

Ed McConaghy, CEO at RTI. speaks with me about all things automation from handheld remotes and single-room applications, to full fledge switching and controls of entire commercial and high-end residential applications. If you are unfamiliar with the terms home tech, home automation, automation in general, this episode of AV Insider is for you. As always, […]

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AV Insider — Episode 150: Former B&W President Creates New Life At JL Audio’s Home Audio Division

August 31, 2018

JL Audio is planning some big things in their home audio division, & I for one, am excited. Doug Henderson, Senior VP of Home Audio at JL Audio, speaks with me about the future of JL’s Audio’s past, current offerings, and it’s future. We cover everything from Doug’s past experience as the former President of […]

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AV Insider — Episode 149: TierPM: Technology Solutions Delivered

August 27, 2018

Marika Aquino, managing partner at TierPM, speaks with me about a concern I we both understand, and try to help with; our industry’s need for more AV/IT/Technology workforce. We discuss how TierPM is not just a staffing firm, that specializes in the AV/IT space, but rather industry professionals who provide profession based solutions for a […]

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AV Insider —Episode 148: SurgeX: The Only Technology That Eliminates Surge Energy To Safeguard AV Equipment

August 14, 2018

Rick Komendera, Vice President, Global Accounts at SurgeX, speaks with me about Surge elimination from AV systems, for the residential, & commercial spaces. We cover everything from prepping a job walk with their envision series product, so that we can understand what power issues may be waiting for your next install, and how to completely […]

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AV Insider — Episode 147: HoverCam: The 21st Century Classroom

August 6, 2018

Ji Shen, CEO at HoverCam, speaks with me about education, the lack of engagement, & technology. We cover how HoverCam fixes this problem with todays society, and some interesting prospective on the future of education. We discuss a few things that no one else is doing in this space of EduTech, what’s in the pipe line, […]

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AV Insider —Episode 146: PowerHouse Alliance: Are you Utilizing the Full Potential of AV Distribution?

July 31, 2018

Dennis Holzer speaks with me about the PowerHouse Alliance, all its members, the power of the mega buying group that spans the United States, their own products offered beyond other manufacturers, The PowerHouse difference; Why distribution can benefit your company, and much, much more. All this and more, on this episode of AV Insider. Podcast: […]

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AV Insider — Episode 145: CAVD: We Are Custom AV Distribution

July 25, 2018

Jamie Pullen (Director), & Wayne Hyde, at CAVD (Custom AV Distribution), speak with me about their AV, HiFi, CI, & Custom Audio Video from the point of view as a Distributor, what that means to the integrator, benefits, how they differ form the competition, & much more. We discuss everything from design, support, applications, and […]

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AV Insider — Episode 144: Lutron: Experience Lighting Control

July 16, 2018

Melissa Andresko, Communications Director at Lutron, speaks with me about the Story of Lutron, including the birth & creation of the rotary dimmer from Joel Spira, to dimming artificial lighting to 1/10 of 1%, custom colors for natural lighting applications (shading), to Light fixtures for both residential & commercial spaces, as well as a brief discussion of […]

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AV Insider — Episode 143: Gig Gear: Safer, More Efficient and More Enjoyable

July 13, 2018

Daniel Shatzkes and I speak about the biggest problem with almost every set of work gloves you’ve ever owned; they typically aren’t protective enough of your hands, or they’re too inconvenient when dealing with small screw & tools, and inevitably you end up taking them off, rendering them pointless. Gig Gear has has a few […]

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AV Insider — Episode 142: Loxone: No Gimmicks. Real Smart Homes

July 6, 2018

Jason C. Evans, speaks with me about Loxone’s presence as the #2 smart home solution over seas, but rapidly on pace to move into the #1 spot away from, well, I’d tell you, but just tune into this episode so you can hear it straight from the source. We cover everything from lighting for the […]

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