AV Insider — Episode 171: InFocus: Collaboration That Fits

AV Insider —
Glenn Jystad (Director of Product Marketing) & I, speak about InFocus’ wondrous panel offerings for the Business, Higher-ED, & K-12 spaces, and so much more.

Glenn Jystad joined InFocus in 2014, and is currently the Director of Product Marketing at InFocus. Glenn has contributed to bringing the InFocus Mondopad line to market as including the new models and features across the line. Glenn brings over 30 years of software engineering and development experience to the company, having previously held software and product management positions at Toshiba, Stac Electronics, Phoenix Technologies, Xiran, Gateway, Acer, and Fugoo. Glenn received his B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of California.

We also discuss a few things that you can only here, on this episode of AV Insider.