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AV Insider — Episode 109: Johnnie & Co: A Marketing Firm For Tech Businesses Still Hungry For The Sale


Johnnie Sanchez, founder & consultant at Johnnie & Co, speaks with me about the biz. We discuss everything from how being younger brings fresh, new, & innovative ideas & solutions to her company, which helps her clients stand out from the competition, to partnerships with dealers & manufacturers, and much more for future growth. There’s […]

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AV Insider — Episode 108: Terra Speakers: Custom Innovation, Made In America


Alex Steed (The Knack Factory), & James Bandfield (Terra Speakers), speak with me about the upcoming CEDIA show, new products from Terra, InfoComm, possibly some new products, and also there was lots of talk about downloading old magazines from issuu and dying by ballistic laser fire (We also talked American-made, lifetime guaranteed all weather speakers). […]

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AV Insider — Episode 107: Milestone AV Technologies: Making Technology Work


Mark Coxon, regional sales manager of Vaddio, speaks with me about all Milestone’s brands, two new products from each of them, a general background about the Milestone family and culture, my speculation on the future of Milestone (Spoiler: I’m wrong) and a few other tidbits that you can only find here on this episode of […]

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AV Insider — Episode 106: Josh.AI: Voice Control for the Whole Home


Alex Capecelatro, CEO of Josh.ai speaks with me about the latest round of founding they’ve received, subsequent growth team, the upcoming CEDIA show, and possibly some hardware, from this voice control/AI company? The only way to find out, is on this episode of AV Insider. Listen to my previous interview with Josh here.  Podcast: Play in new window | […]

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AV Insider — Episode 105: Absen LED: Signage Solutions From The Future


Alison Maxson, PR & marketing communications manager, & Paul Johnston, SR. director of customer service, at Absen America, both speak with me about some big new changes currently taking place at Absen, and their involvements, changes to infrastructure, Service programs/service locations, some trainings to attend, new products, and obviously an invitation to view them both […]

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AV Insider — Episode 104: Podcast With Millenial-Z: Victoria Barela


Victoria Barela, “Junior Creston Programmer” at Riordan Brothers Integration, speaks with me about her first year in the AV industry. Everything from her experiences, a few tips to the millennials coming into the work force, what to expect, the perks of working in AV/Tech, and we obviously cover her own podcast, Coffee with Millenial-Z. We […]

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AV Insider — Episode 103: Lode Audio: Hi-End Multi-Room Audio Solutions


Andy Oattes, Head of sales, at Lode Audio and I, speak about multi-room audio streaming solutions for the residential, hospitality, commercial, and marine custom installation industry. We talk about LODE’s roadmap, shows they will attend this year an next, what makes them different, partnerships & integrations, and some great ideas for the networked audio future. […]

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AV Insider — Episode 101: Brodmann Acoustics: Love At First Sound


Brad Paulson, national sales manager of Brodmann Acoustics, speaks with me about Vienna Austria’s most beautifully made musical interments, which double as gorgeous speakers. Brodmann, most famously known for Joseph Brodmann pianos for the last 200 years, and over the last 40 years, equally as beautiful looking/sounding loudspeakers, has been acoustically redefining the sound of […]

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AV Insider — Episode 100: Meridian Audio: The Pioneers Of High Resolution Audio


Ryan Donaher, VP at Meridian America, speaks with me about 2-channel audio, surround, gorgeous sounding/looking towers, car audio, personal audio, DACs, amps, pre/pros, high resolution audio, and some new gear as well that you can only find on this episode of AV Insider. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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AV Insider — Episode 99: ihiji: Reduce Service Costs, Get Recurring Revenue, Keep Clients Happy


Michael Maniscalco, co-founder of ihiji speaks with me about all the new upgrade to ihiji that was shown at ISE. Everything to new services, to more budget friendly pricing. We also talk about Invision Lite, Mac Addressing, updated mobile app, VIP partnering ,and more! All on this episode of AV Insider. Podcast: Play in new […]

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AV Insider — Episode 98: Storm Audio: The Ultimate in High-End Immersive Audio


Yves Trelohan, Senior VP of HELAV (Home Electronic Luxury Audio Video), speaks with me about Auro Technologies hardware division, Storm. We cover new ISE announcements, a factory tour they’ll give during ISE day 2, new products moving forward, and a few other tidbits you can only find on this episode of AV Insider. Podcast: Play […]

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AV Insider — Episode 97: Torus Power ISE 2017 (Isolation Solutions Europe)


Kevin Main, President of Torus Power, speaks with me, yet again, about the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe show, and the solutions they intend on showing there. We also talk about, in traditional AV Insider fashion, a few things that aren’t announced yet, and a few easter eggs about the roadmap for Torus in the coming […]

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AV Insider — Episode 96: Stewart Filmscreen: Imagine What Others Consider Impossible


Shannon Townley, CEO of Stewart Filmscreen, speaks with me about his first six months as new CEO, Phantom HALR, Torrent and Stealth XM, FIDELEDY Vision LED enhancement material, and this little thing called 16K+, Stewart’s 70th Anniversary, what to expect to see at ISE, and more! We also talk about what’s to come in the coming quarters, but you’ll never know unless you wait. That […]

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AV Insider — Episode 95: Wisdom Audio: Audio Without Compromise


Ron Rouse, VP of sales at Wisdom Audio, speaks with me about 2-CH, distributed, audio, home theater options, line source vs. point source, and a couple of new products yet to be announced at ISE next month, and at CEDIA. You can either wait for the announcements later this year, or listen to the latest […]

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AV Insider — Episode 94: DOMOTZ: Being Intelligent From The Comfort Of Your Office


Domenico Crapanzano, CEO & Founder of Domotz, speaks with me about his software based technology startup, and how it’s grown exponentially in the 6 months in being in the market. We cover the need for remote monitoring as a service, and as a convenience, We also talk about consumer vs pro services, the direction that […]

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AV Insider — Episode 93: Innovative low Voltage Lighting For The AV/LV Integrator


Mike Teolis, President/Co-Founder of Colorbeam North America, speaks with me about his brilliant full-rage/flicker free dimming & lighting solution. We cover topics such as full range dimming from 0-100, flicker free dimming, color shift, RGB/RBG-W, circadian rhythm, residential & commercial lighting applications and solutions. All this and more, on this episode of AV Insider. Podcast: […]

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AV Insider — Episode 92: Salamander Designs: AV Furniture Shaped By Your Needs


Salvatore Carraba, president of Salamander Designs, speaks with me about his made-in-America since day one, custom AV furniture (soft goods, and not so soft goods) company, and how its building fantastic custom made-to-order products in a short time frame. We cover built/made local processes, and how the first design is still implemented today (I have […]

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AV Insider — Episode 91: KEF: Astounding Multi-Dimensional Sound


Jack Sharkey, Content creation manager at KEF, speaks with me about their new LS50 Wireless speakers. LS50 Wireless is a complete and fully active music system designed for how high resolution music is now enjoyed. It delivers exceptional sound quality, once only achievable by putting together a system of high quality separate components. We also […]

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AV Insider — Episode 90: Terra Speakers: Made In America/Maine; Custom AF


James Banfield, President of Terra Speakers, and Alex Steed, President of Knack-Factory (Marketing forTERA), speak with me about so many new ideas, products, and everything custom at Terra Speakers. Terra has always been a custom audio solution company, but this year at CEDIA, it was very obvious they are a major player, and a force […]

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AV Insider — Episode 89: Experience the first voice activated home automation system for high-end homes


Alex Capecelatro, Co-Founder & CEO of Josh AI, speaks with me about his new voice control automation company, Josh AI. We discover his background with technology , startups, and the need for Josh’s existence today.   Alex also tells us that Josh AI was designed for the high-end residential market, and is currently direct to dealer/integrator, with plans on releasing their “micro” version […]

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AV Insider — Episode 78: Legrand’s LUXUL Keeps You Simply Connected


Jeff Curtis, CEO of Legrand’s LUXUL, speaks with me about the newly acquired company, his startup life background/experience, how this translates to where we can expect LUXUL to advance to, and so much more. Luxul has everything you need to stay connected in today’s world, and we got it all on this episode of AV […]

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