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AV Insider — Episode 141: Plum: Built For Today, Ready For Tomorrow


Utz Baldwin, CEO at Plum, has a quick chat/recap about Plum since he was on AV Insider originally (about 4-years ago), future plans (Hardware expansions & partnerships), new features since we spoke, & plum Integrations (IOT integrations, Sonos, other areas beyond lighting). We also discuss smart Home Predictions (The future of the smart home), data […]

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AV Insider — Episode 140: Xytech Systems: Facility Management Software Solutions for Today’s Media & Broadcast Companies


Greg Dolan, COO at Xytech Systems, speaks with me about control solutions for the media and broadcast industry, and how Xytech has a multitude of solutions, and some now that are a module-based/pick-and-choose as you go (Media Pulse). We discuss future roadmaps, solutions, their incredible product, Media Pulse, and more; and all this can be […]

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AV Insider — Episode 139: RME: Innovative, User friendly and High-Quality Digital Audio Solutions


Derek Badala, Director of sales at Sythax Inc (RME), speaks with me about interfaces, converters, cards, Madi solutions, pre-amps, accessories, and more! We also talk about a few new things; some of which may or may not have been announced at Avixa’s Infocomm 2018, but there’s only one way you can find out, and it’s […]

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AV Insider — Episode 138: The Audio Visual Fidelity Test Bench of Consumer Electronics


Peter Vasay, GM & SVP at THX Labs, speaks with me about the companies newly most recently launched website, THX STANDARD. Peter & I discuss everything from how their consumer electronics rating website that provides objective and data-driven evaluations of the audio and visual fidelity of consumer electronics to help consumers make informed purchase decisions, […]

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AV Insider — Episode 137: Z-Wave Products (Dot Com): Products, Knowledge, & Solutions


Matthew Davis, VP of new product dev. and project manager for https://www.zwaveproducts.com/, speaks with me about all things Z-wave (products, knowledge, and solutions, that can all be sourced at their aforementioned website, as well as a new product/tool they just launched. Some say it’s too expensive, but I say you don’t what you have. It’s definitely […]

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AV Insider — Episode 136: Low Voltage/Intelligent LED Lighting Systems


Eric Higgs, Founder and Board of Directors Member at LumaStream, speaks with me about a low-voltage lighting and controls solution directed purely at AV integrators. LumaStream offers something to the AV integrators who could only offer a control system on a project, whereas the lighting went to someone else. Enter LumaStream, a completely C-7 license […]

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AV Insider — Episode 135: Cel-Fi by Nextivity; Smart Cellular Coverage: In-Building & Mobile Connectivity Solutions


Curtis D. Burkhart, Senior Director, North America Sales at Nextivity, speaks with me about Cel-Fi solutions: Smart cell coverage in-building and mobile connectivity solutions. We cover everything from the four major carriers (now 3), how Cel-Fi is different & better than the competition, what’s next for Nextivity, what shows you can find them at, & […]

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AV Insider — Episode 134: @Customised Home Technology: #LiveInstall is Out, & #HomeTechX Is In


Kris Gamble, speaks with me about custom AV on his side of the pond, his new Norfolk showroom, his simplified business model that may not be that of your traditional smart home designs, the death of #LiveInstall, and the birth of #HomeTechX; not to be confused with The Tech Home X trade show in California. […]

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AV Insider — Episode 133: Paul Konikowski: Standardizing & Customizing Enterprise Clients’ Conferencing & Collaboration Spaces


Paul Konikowski, now an Enterprise Solutions Architect at Whitlock, speaks with me about his journey in AV as a consultant when previously out here on the West coast, just before the big fire, he made the move, away from danger, and into a great position for him, and Whitlock. What do I mean, you’ll have to listen […]

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AV Insider — Episode 132: Focal: Discover New Fields Of Emotions


Andrew Oattes, Head Of Sales UK at Focal, speaks with me about HiFi, Sound quality, & Clarity, headphones, floor-standing audio, and a new range/series of speakers aimed at the custom installer & custom integration market. Andrew shares everything from Focal’s roots, to their their future plans, and without giving too much away, you can get […]

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AV Insider — Episode 131: CEDIA Acquires Technology & Business Summit; Clarity AV International Shares Their Journey


Mark Cichowski, CEO of Clarity AV International, the corporation that previously owned and operated the Technology & Business Summits, along with the CASTLE Summits, tells all about the acquisition from CEDIA, the day it was announced. We cover everything he’s done sine he last appearance on AV Insider (Episode 53), to what the future of these summits will hold […]

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AV Insider — Episode 130: Audio Excellence: Are You Ready to Listen To The Truth?


Patrice Congard, CEO of Screen Excellence, and lead of design at Audio Excellence, speaks with me about their newish company, how it’s aimed at the high-end home theater market, a new products in the works (shhh, its a secret!), “The Congard Code”, and why you should’t use room correct EQ systems! All this and more, […]

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AV Insider — Episode 129: Luxul: Simple-to-Deploy, Professional Grade, IP Networking Solutions


Josh Thurman, Western regional sales manager at Luxul (A Brand of Legrand), speaks with me about growth at Luxul. We speak a little bit about the roadmap ahead, new power products that look oh so familiar for some reason (more on this in the show). We speak about education for integrators, the KRACK (WPA2 system […]

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AV Insider — Episode 128: Just Add Power: Flexible, Scalable, Dependable and Economical Ultra HD over IP


Taft Van Stricklin, “The Dude” at Just Add Power, speaks with me about his love for Van Halen, Guitars, and all things JAP (Just Add Power). We cover everything from J.A.P’s roots in our industry, to it’s roadmap. There’s a few AV Insider scoops buried within our program, and a few other Ultra HD over […]

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AV Insider — Episode 127: Smart Support for Smart Homes


Colin Barceloux, founder at AXIUS, a venture-backed startup creating a platform for device management and cybersecurity in Smart Homes. Previously Colin founded Techmate (YC S16), an on-demand service for in-home tech support. Additionally, he started BookRenter, the very first textbook rental company. Colin founded the company to address the high cost of educational materials and […]

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AV Insider — Episode 126: Are you HTA Certified?


Josh Christian, Director of Certification at the Home Technology Association (HTA), & Matt Johnson, General Manager at Aurum, speak with me about what is and why HTA, the Home Technology Association and the HTA Certification program launched last year & what  the response been like from dealers and manufacturers. We also discuss how the HTA certification differs from, and […]

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AV Insider — Episode 125: Wolf Cinema: The New Standard of Excellence


Jim McGall, Director Of Sales at Wolf Cinema, speaks with me about the highest quality reference projectors, only offered via Wolf Cinema. We discuss quality, standards, craftsmanship, and some incredibly unique video solutions. We briefly discus the roadmap for Wolf Cinema, what trade shows you can view their gear at, and much more. There’s a […]

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AV Insider — Episode 124: OneVision Resources: Unlocking Your Service Potential In The Connected Home


Joseph Kolchinsky, founder & CEO of OneVision Resources, speaks with me the entire story of OneVision Resources, dating back to 2008, when a young joey started this journey which has more than doubled in growth, year-over-year. We cover dealer base, services, and the need for them, and how to turn you into a technology manager […]

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AV Insider — Episode 123: Epiphan Video’s Pearl-2: Simplify Your Live Video Production


David Kirk, VP Product Marketing at Epiphan Video, speaks with me about a few updates at Epiphan, since the last time he graced our airwaves back on episode 24. We cover all things live video, and how Pearl-2 has improved upon the process, and how forward thinking the product is itself, even by today’s standards. […]

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AV Insider — Episode 122: LynTec: Innovative Electrical Power Solutions For Professional Audio, Video, & Lighting Systems


Mark Bishop, President of LynTec, speaks with me about their electrical automation switching panels. We cover their business model, different applications for LynTec, lighting control, load shedding, power sequencing, and everything in between for the Pro AV Integrator. LynTec specializes in the Pro AV space, but you’ll be surprised when you find out where their […]

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AV Insider — Episode 121: Audacy Wireless: Advanced Controls For Commercial Applications


Mark Lachman, western regional sales manager at Audacy Wireless, a wireless lighting control company from Ideal Industries, speaks with me about this 4 year old companies success in the lighting control category. We discuss how Audacy’s different than the competition, advantages to their system vs. the competition, system capabilities, some things to come, and a […]

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AV Insider — Episode 120: Storm Audio: Supreme Immersive Sound


Brad Paulson, national sales manager at StormAudio, speaks with me about what really makes StormAudio different in the high-end immersive audio category, and why StormAudio isn’t going away anytime in the foreseeable future. We also discuss modular based hardware, robust software with options for the most unique applications, an innovative leader with a proven track […]

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AV Insider — Episode 119: AllTecPro: Serving All Who Deploy Technology


Vin Bruno, CEO of AllTecPro, speaks with me about bridging the gap between manufacturing, integration, industry pros, consultants, the end users, and everyone in-between. We talk about how Vin’s past as CEDIA’s CEO, and previous employment, skills & drive for this industry is making for a successful new hybrid technology company. We also talk about […]

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AV Insider — Episode 118: Aurora Multimedia: AV products incorporating state-of-the-art technologies that surpass typical specifications and features


Paul Harris, CEO of Aurora Multimedia, speaks with me about his Made-in-America manufacturing of AV solutions. We cover solutions for global markets, including government, education, security, hospitality, corporate, and house of worship. We discuss new products not yet announced, we discuss future plans for the company, and Paul’s love to manufacture in America; something that […]

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AV Insider — Episode 117: Nuvo’s Player Portfolio Is Serious About Music


Jason C. Evans, product manager of Legrand’s On-Q (audio), Nuvo divisions, speaks with me about Nuvo’s Player Portfolio, and associated products that range from speakers to amplifiers, touch panels & keypads. We talk about music services that it supports, the roadmap for it’s future, the systems capabilities, and few of the basics of what a […]

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AV Insider — Episode 114: Mikme: Capture Creativity


Philipp Sonnleitner, CEO at Mikme, speaks with me about his wireless microphone & audio recorder, Mikme; which this entire podcast was recorded on. Mikme is not just another portable microphone, it’s what a portable microphone should be. Intricately crafted with high-quality materials, both inside and out, Mikme looks as great as it captures sound. The […]

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AV Insider — Episode 113: Control Envy: Control, Analyze and Monitor Everything


Wes Hatchett, CEO of Control Envy, speaks with me about this new startup control company with a beautiful interface. The Internet of Things is in its infancy—and current IoT solutions are incomplete at best. Enterprise IoT platforms offer scope and scale but require enormous development to implement for any particular project. Niche IoT applications offer […]

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AV Insider — Episode 112: iPoint: The Only Solution Offering End-to-End Business Management In The Live Cloud Environment, Built Just For You


Brooks Swift, Founder & CEO of iPoint Solutions, speaks with me about the only solution offering end-to-end business management in the live cloud environment, built just for you, the integrator. We cover iPoint from beginning-to-end, the processes & Tasks via the software, & (5) new features that are launching very soon (design & engineering, an […]

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AV Insider — Episode 111: PK Audio Visual: An engineer & Technical Writer, Based in the San Francisco Bay Area


Paul Konikowski, Design Engineering Manager at PCD, speaks with me about past projects, large corporate projects, past experience working directly for Zoom as a consultant (PK Audio Visual), moving across country, and looking to connect with an Innovator rather than an integrator. He like challenges, excels at large scale projects & programming meetings with clients, […]

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AV Insider — Episode 110: Atlona: Connecting Technology


Ken Eagle, Global Director, Training and Technical Sales with Atlona, speaks with me about the many layers of his role with the company, and how his experience in the AV industry helped create what he’s doing over there today. We discuss the upcoming CEDIA show in southern California, what they intend on announcing/shipping at CEDIA, […]

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