Radial Announces the Di-NET DAN-TX and DiNET DAN-RX, Dante Enabled Direct Boxes

DInet-34-0116Radial Engineering has introduced the DiNET DAN-TX and DiNET DAN-RX, Dante-enabled direct boxes. The Di-NET DAN-TX is the world’s first Dante enabled stereo direct box. Equipped with ¼”, RCA and stereo 3.5-millimeter input jacks, the DAN-TX allows the user to connect instruments or line level sources directly to networked audio systems using the Dante protocol. The DAN-TX features 24bit/96kHz analog to digital conversion to provide the highest audio quality, and a local 3.5-millimeter headphone output provides the means to quickly test audio.

The DiNET DAN-RX is a 24bit/96kHZ digital to analog endpoint that allows the user to output audio from a Dante network to stereo systems. The DAN-RX is equipped with left and right balanced XLR outputs with a level control that allows for connection to microphone inputs up to +4dBu line level systems. A local 3.5 mm headphone output is provided to test or monitor audio before connection to the PA System.

Both the DiNET DAN-TX and DiNET DAN-RX are here.