Radial Engineering Releases New HotShot 48V Microphone Switcher

June 8, 2020

Radial Engineering announced its new HotShot 48V Microphone Switcher Monday. The Hotshot 48V uses a foot switch and allows a live performing artist to redirect a condenser or dynamic microphone signal away from the main house system to the stage monitoring or in-ear system for discrete communication with band members or technicians. The HotShot 48V […]

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Radial Engineering Releases BT-Pro V2 Bluetooth-Enabled Stereo Direct Box

May 20, 2020

Radial Engineering dropped the new BT-Pro V2. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled stereo direct box that connects wirelessly to smartphones and tablets. It also provides a pair of balanced audio outputs to feed a PA system, studio interface or powered speakers. Applications include houses of worship, installed sound environments (gyms, dance studios), live sound environments, studios, DJ […]

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Radial Engineering’s New Studio-Grade Preamp Can Be Used for Studio or Touring Applications

May 5, 2020

Radial Engineering is shipping its HDI, a high-definition studio-grade direct box and preamp for studio recording or live-touring applications. The cornerstone of the HDI’s capabilities is the color control, which allows the blending of the signal from an ultra-clean operation on one side to amp-like distortion and warm transformer saturation on the other. The results […]

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Dante Details CEDIA 2019 Plans

September 10, 2019

Audinate says that Dante is seeing rapid adoption by manufacturers of residential audio equipment. Dante is already widely used by integrators in the commercial installed AV market to deliver systems with many uncompressed audio channels over a standard Ethernet network. Audinate says Dante’s introduction to the residential market brings cost reductions and installation time savings […]

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Radial Engineering Ships New SW8-USB Auto-Switcher and USB Playback Interface

July 31, 2019

Radial Engineering is shipping its SW8-USB auto-switching USB playback interface. The SW8-USB is an eight-channel device designed primarily for live concerts where backing tracks are used to reinforce the performance. Should your primary playback source suffer a failure or dropout, the SW8-USB can switch to a backup source to prevent any negative effects on the […]

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Radial Engineering Debuts Catapult Mini TRS Cat5 Audio Snake

June 12, 2019

Radial Engineering just announced that the Catapult Mini TRS, the latest addition to the Catapult product line of modular Cat5 audio snakes, is now shipping. The Catapult Mini TRS provides the ability to drive four analog audio channels over a single shielded Cat5 cable and easily connect to audio interfaces and other devices with balanced […]

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Radial Engineering Ships Catapult Mini TX and RX

July 18, 2018

The Radial Catapult Mini is the latest addition to the modular Catapult snake system, which provides the ability to drive four analog audio channels over a single shielded Cat5 cable. The Catapult Mini TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver) both feature a compact steel chassis with a hardwired fan-out to four XLR connectors, providing a simple […]

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Radial’s New Compact Mixer Presenter Ships

May 15, 2018

Radial Engineering has announced their $299 Presenter is now shipping. The Presenter is a compact mixer that combines a microphone pre-amp and a USB program input to create the ultimate interface for any presentation, from school lectures to corporate audio. The USB input on the Presenter allows for direct connection to a laptop for high quality audio playback, perfect for presentations that include digital audio files, or for […]

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Radial Announces the Di-NET DAN-TX and DiNET DAN-RX, Dante Enabled Direct Boxes

January 29, 2016

Radial Engineering has introduced the DiNET DAN-TX and DiNET DAN-RX, Dante-enabled direct boxes. The Di-NET DAN-TX is the world’s first Dante enabled stereo direct box. Equipped with ¼”, RCA and stereo 3.5-millimeter input jacks, the DAN-TX allows the user to connect instruments or line level sources directly to networked audio systems using the Dante protocol. The […]

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