Products You NEED to See at ISC West 2024

Products you need to see at ISC West 2024

ISC West, the most comprehensive and converged security trade event in the U.S., is set to take place April 9-12 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Expo.

The show floor will open on Wednesday, April 10 and will feature more than 700 exhibitors presenting the latest tech and solutions in safety and security. From access control solutions to mass notification systems and more, the exhibit hall will be filled with the latest and greatest security integration tech.

“This year, we are excited to offer ISC West attendees an extensive list of offerings where they can discover the latest innovations in security, cultivate professional relationships and learn from industry experts,” said Mary Beth Shaughnessy, ISC’s vice president of events.

We’ve compiled a sneak peek at the show floor and here are the products you need to see at ISC West 2024.

AtlasIED Mass Communications Ecosystem

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AtlasIED Mass Communications Ecosystem

AtlasIED is showcasing its most capable and reliable emergency notification solution to date. Made stronger as a result of a strategic corporate investment in video analytics technology, the AtlasIED mass communications solution now combines threat detection, real-time notification and mass communications and incident management in one vetted and highly integrated system. Imagine a security system that is able to detect threats and mitigate risks, notify all involved parties including first responders and secure a building, campus or district with minimal need for human intervention thereby minimizing error and increasing response times — that’s what you’ll find in AtlasIED’s new product.

Biamp Dynasound DS2500 Sound Masking for Eavesdropping

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Biamp Dynasound DS2500 Sound Masking for Eavesdropping

The Dynasound DS2500 series sound maskers from Biamp are used to protect windows, walls and doors against human and electronic eavesdropping by applying full bandwidth sound masking. The unit may be attached to the interior side of any window, door or in some cases wall surfaces. In all applications the integrity of the surface remains intact. The DS2500 series is critical to the securing of windows, doors and walls when DIAM and DCID requirements for SCIF need to be met. It is effective against laser eavesdropping techniques, as well as the use of parabolic microphones. When controlled by Biamp security generators and amplifiers, it also protects against sophisticated signal recovery techniques designed to capture conversations buried within the sound masking signal.

Bogen Communications IP-based Combo LED Display Wall Baffle Speaker

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Bogen Communications IP based Combo LED Display Wall Baffle Speaker

The NQ-S1810WBC, a PoE Combo Wall Baffle Speaker, features an LED message display and a multi-colored flasher, for high-definition audio quality and seamless integration into the Nyquist ecosystem. Engineered to meet the evolving needs of modern communication systems, Bogen Communications’ Combo Wall Baffle Speaker redefines audio excellence while adding visual messaging and alerting capabilities, according to the company. The 8-in. speaker provides audio coverage of up to 600 sq. ft. and a separate high-performance MEMS microphone for superior talkback performance. The Combo Wall Baffle Speaker offers fixed or scrollable single-color message text and an event-driven multi-colored flasher for informational and critical communications. Able to leverage Nyquist’s scenario-based automated action sequences, known as Routines, the Combo Wall Baffle Speaker provides an enhanced user experience for simplified and streamlined mass communication. The Combo Waffle Baffle Speaker features a 12/24-hour clock and user-definable message display with adjustable brightness for optimal visibility.

ClareVision Smart Video Doorbell

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ClareVision Smart Video Doorbell

As home surveillance remains a top priority for many homeowners and buyers, the ClareVision Smart Video doorbell is a simple, potent surveillance and security upgrade that combines 1080p video capture, AI-based smart analytics, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity and two-way voice calling into a slim device. The doorbell is designed to be powered by existing low-voltage doorbell wiring for added partner convenience while including powerful features such as dual Wi-Fi band connectivity, full HD resolution and support for two-way voice. Users can view the live feed from the ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel and the ClareVision App, or integrate the video doorbell with Control4 as a surveillance device. Recorded video is stored via an internal 16GB microSD card, which Partners and users can expand up to 512GB.

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EPIC iO DeepInsights

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EPIC iO DeepInsights

EPIC iO’s DeepInsight an AI + IoT software suite that enriches video, sensor data and external feeds into a seamless operational experience. The platform integrates advanced AI models, automated logic and visualization techniques to deliver actionable insights. From detecting people, counting and crowd estimation to vehicle classification and license plate recognition, DeepInsights offers comprehensive coverage. Moreover, it goes beyond traditional security measures, incorporating features like bacteria, virus and fungus decontamination, sensor fusion for garbage detection, posture monitoring, patient surveillance and fire detection. With DeepInsights, users gain visibility and control, ensuring safety and security across diverse environments.

Hailo-15 AI Vision Processors

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Hailo 15 AI Vision Processors

The Hailo-15 family of high-performance AI vision processors — including Hailo-15H, Hailo-15M and Hailo-15L — integrate directly into intelligent security cameras, bringing unprecedented AI performance to cameras and enabling advanced video analytics and video enhancement for high image quality. According to the company, Hailo-15 represents a significant step forward in making AI at the edge more scalable and affordable.

Hailo-15-empowered security cameras can carry out significantly more video analytics, running several AI tasks in parallel, including faster detection at high resolution to enable the identification of smaller and more distant objects with higher accuracy and fewer false alarms. The stronger AI capacity can also be used for video enhancement and better video quality. The result is an ultra-high-quality AI-based video analytics solution that keeps people and environments safer while ensuring their privacy and allows organizations to operate more efficiently at a lower cost.

Intel RealSense ID – Available via TD SYNNEX

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Intel RealSense ID Module

Intel RealSense ID is a trusted and accurate on-device facial authentication solution built on Intel’s leadership in vision technology and AI, according to TD SYNNEX. Privacy driven and purpose-built for user protection, Intel RealSense ID combines an active depth sensor with specialized neural network to deliver an intuitive and secure facial authentication solution that easily adapts in real-time. By authenticating users in less than a second, the facial authentication solution combines industry leading hardware and software designed to ensure reliability in varied conditions, from every skin tone and shade to a range of lighting conditions comprising complete darkness to strong sunlight.

With state-of-the-art anti-spoofing and facial authentication software, Intel RealSense ID delivers a 1-in-a-million false-acceptance rate and <0.1% spoof acceptance rate. Combined with the company’s SDK, the Intel RealSense ID F455 peripheral and F450 module allows for quick integration wherever access control is needed, including kiosks, controlled entry, timecard checks, point-of-sale and more.

Planar UltraRes L Series All-in-One LED Display

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Planar UltraRes L Series All in One LED Display

The Planar UltraRes L Series All-in-One LED Display combines Planar’s LCD features with dvLED technology to deliver an all-in-one, easy-to-use display solution. According to the company, the seamless LED display features 24×7 reliability, an ultra slim bezel, integrated video and audio electronics and 20-point IR touch technology for next-generation collaboration. Planar UltraRes L Series All-in-One LED Display is 136-in. with Full HD resolution and is available with a wall mount for permanent installation as well as a rolling floor stand for mobility. With front service installation, Planar UltraRes L Series All-in-One LED Display supports quick deployment and maintenance. The new all-in-one display makes LED easier to bring to an even wider range of applications.

Viking Compact IP Intercom with HD Video

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Viking X 205 SS

The compact X-205-SS is a feature-rich solution that delivers HD video and voice communication via SIP VoIP phone systems, cloud providers, or third-party apps. The built-in IP video camera supports both H.264 and MJPEG video compression via RTSP, offering low-light sensitivity, a wide viewing angle, and the capability to output both call and NVR video streams simultaneously at up to 1080p resolution. The X-205-SS intercom dials a programmed phone number and automatically cycles through backup phone numbers on busy or no answer. Remote configuration is via a user-friendly built-in Web UI, eliminating the need for a dedicated app.

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