AtlasIED on ISC West 2024

AtlasIED ISC West 2024

ISC West 2024, the most comprehensive and converged security trade event in the U.S., is set to take place April 9-12 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Expo.

Ahead of the show, the rAVe team sat down with ISC West exhibitors to see what they expect to see trending on the show floor and why attendees should visit their booths.

Executive interview with Gina Sansivero, vice president of marketing and corporate communications, AtlasIED.

Q: Why are you exhibiting at ISC West 2024?

GINA SANSIVERO: AtlasIED has exhibited at ISC West for several years now, with great success. Having traditionally been positioned as a commercial audio company (for 90 years now), we jokingly call ISC West our “InfoComm of Security”. It is the largest and best-reputed security event in North America. Similar to InfoComm, ISC West is an event with community at its core. AtlasIED has become more entrenched in that community through the constant evolution of our solutions based on security integrator feedback, as a result of new partnerships with other solutions providers and, this year, through a new equity investment in a company that leads the way in AI-based security and risk mitigation software. At the very center of our company mission is the dedication to helping to make our world better and safer.

Q: What is one trend you expect to see at the show and why?

GS: At ISC West this year, we expect to see more companies leveraging the power of AI and deep learning software models. AI in security moves beyond programming and automation, allowing building security systems to become more reliable, powerful and proactive. It will be interesting to see the different iterations of AI utilization from the exhibitors at ISC West. This is a conversation that will continue to evolve and I’m excited to see where it goes!

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Q: Why should attendees visit your booth at the show?

GS: For hugs! Hehe. But seriously, I think attendees should visit us in Booth 31061 because our security technology solution has become so much more powerful with the new equity investment in IntelliSee. IntelliSee has been incorporated into our company’s offering, creating a far more robust integrated system by allowing the platform to detect threats and risks real-time. So rather than notifying stakeholders as an incident unfolds, IntelliSee can trigger an action before the incident begins. It’s so mind blowing when you see the demo!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

GS: ISC West is an incredible show that more #AVTweeps should consider attending as ProAV and security integration see more and more synergies. Be sure to swing by Booth 31061 to say hello if you do attend!

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