Procella Audio Launches V18 Bass Engine:

Procella_V18_Front_woCover-0816Procella Audio announced today the introduction of a new flagship subwoofer, the V18 Bass Engine. This dual-18 inch subwoofer claims to produce reference-quality low frequency reproduction for the largest screening room and home theater environments, capable of continuous output up to 137 dB, with peak output of 143 dB. Its sealed-box design utilizes Procella’s unique V-Loaded driver configuration, with amplification provided by Procella’s DA06-DSP power amplifier.

In the V-Loaded configuration the drivers are mounted facing each other, angled at about 12 degrees to form a shape like the letter V. In playback, this produces coupling and a high compression loading of the drivers, resulting in lower distortion, improved transient response, and reduced cone excursion at high SPL.

With 1W/1m sensitivity of 105 dB, and power handling of two 1,400-watt continuous and two 2,800-watt peak, the V18 has an extremely high output capability. Its low frequency extension to a -3 dB point of 18 Hz enables it to produce massive output at subsonic frequencies. Its hand-made Neodymium subwoofer drivers have 4 inch voice coils and are produced for Procella by one of Italy’s top professional audio driver manufacturers. Each 8 ohm driver is fed directly from an amplifier channel through gold-plated binding post inputs.

The V18 will list for $7,499 and ship next month. Here are all the specs.