PreSonus Announces Two New Additions to CDL Series

presonus cdl series

PreSonus just announced two new additions to the CDL Series: the CDL Sub18 and CDL10P.

The company says the CDL Sub18 offers “powerful, clear, low-end punch, thanks to its robust tour-grade enclosure and Class D power.” PreSonus also says the CDL Sub18 excels in both permanent installations and mobile setups, making it an ideal choice for tours and other on-the-go sound needs.

Features include:

  • 18-inch custom woofer with 4-inch voice coil
  • 2,000W Class D power (1,000 continuous)
  • Balanced XLR Input and XLR Direct Output
  • Onboard Variable Low-pass filter, Output Power Preset Select and Polarity Inversion

The new CDL10P provides a “high-quality and consistent sound experience, perfect for touring bands and mobile DJs.” Its hybrid point-source/line-array design ensures focused sound and even SPL coverage, resulting in “clear speech intelligibility and natural music reproduction.” Presonus says the design offers both scalability and exceptional sonic performance in a portable package.

Features include:

  • Continuous-directivity constant curve array with six 2-inch cone drivers disperses sound 120° horizontally
  • 10-inch long-throw LF transducer with 2.5-inch voice coil
  • 2,000 watts Class D power for high SPLs and lightning-fast transient response
  • Rugged, lightweight plastic enclosure and tour-grade steel grille – great for touring bands and mobile DJs.