PreSonus Updates Sphere Membership Plan to Allow User Collaboration

PreSonus Updates Sphere MembershipPreSonus released a major update to its PreSonus Sphere membership plan, which already includes the Studio One Professional, Notion and more. PreSonus Sphere’s new Community feature allows members to connect and discuss audio topics, share new mixes to get feedback, get advice on the concept art for digital releases and find other PreSonus Sphere members to share a Workspace with for collaboration.

The Community is completely optional for PreSonus Sphere members. Any member who participates in the Community begins by creating a public profile that only PreSonus Sphere members can see. Community members can add a photo, unique cover art and audio examples of productions. The public profile also includes a selection of Skills users wish to highlight, such as Arranging, Audio Editing, Composition, Mastering, Mixing, instruments played and more. The Skills define default Channels and help other members connect.

When a user creates a post, they can add text and attach images, videos, audio files or all three. Other members can like the post, add comments and ask to connect with that user. Browse public posts, search by name or email or browse a Skill in the Connect area to find someone with the skill desired, such as a session musician or mastering engineer. Users can then invite them to connect.

PreSonus Sphere provides access to a library of creative software tools. This includes Studio One and Notion add-ons and plug-ins that PreSonus makes, Cloud collaboration tools and storage, chating abilities with PreSonus software experts, exclusive promotions, extensive video training and events.