PreSonus Announces Metro Solution for Live Remote Mixing

PreSonus announced Metro

PreSonus announced Metro, a new feature for StudioLive Series III Digital Mixers. Included in Universal Control 4.2, Metro is a solution for live remote mixing over the internet, delivering high-quality, low-latency audio, and equipping audio professionals.

PreSonus Metro is a free feature update in Universal Control available for StudioLive Series III mixers. This tool empowers users to transcend geographical barriers and tap into the limitless possibilities of remote audio control and monitoring via a secure, peer-to-peer internet connection. Whether musicians are tracking vocals in a studio in Los Angeles while their producer is adjusting settings from a studio in New York, or a live sound engineer is fine-tuning a broadcast mix during a concert halfway across the world, Metro ensures a cohesive and streamlined working experience. This software doesn’t just bridge geographical divides; it also fosters real-time collaboration. In addition to remote control, musicians and audio engineers can remotely monitor both the main mix and the solo bus from a StudioLive mixer in near real-time using their local audio device. Metro’s low latency audio enables instantaneous feedback, allowing for precise adjustments and creative input, as if everyone involved were physically present in the same room.

Recommended use cases include:

  • Broadcast: Remotely create a broadcast mix from your home without entering a venue.
  • Live Stream and Podcast Production: Produce a livestream or podcast from anywhere in the world.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot StudioLive Series III mixers quickly and conveniently from your home or office.
  • Remote Recording: Ensure that a remote recording session is properly gain staged.
  • Corporate conferences: Remotely mix an all-day conference panel from the comfort of your couch.
  • Professional assistance: Dial in a scratch mix remotely for a less experienced onsite FOH or monitor engineer to use as a starting point.