Pexip Announces Scalable Software Platform for VTC: Pexip Infinity

pexip-0913Pexip today announced the general availability of Pexip Infinity, a scalable software platform that provides personal meeting rooms for any number of users on video, voice and mobile. Pexip Infinity is a purely software-based, virtualized solution that can be deployed and scaled as required. The complementary Pexip mobile application for iOS provides conference participants with a consistent interface where they can control conferences and view presentations, all from their own personal devices.

Pexip promotes the advantages of its solution as:

  • Software-only – Pexip Infinity can be deployed remotely on two or more virtual machines and features H.265, SVC and WebRTC support will be made available to a company’s global data centers through on-going software upgrades. Thus, cloud-based.
  • Simple to use – The Pexip mobile application for iOS (Pexip App) allows users to view the presentation and current participants on the call-in addition to zoom and other features available on a mobile device.
  • Hardware agnostic – Pexip Infinity’s platform is designed to use industry-standard servers from any vendor to provide high-quality, scalable and efficient conferencing.

Here’s a video interview that Gary did with the Pexip founder at InfoComm.

Here are all the product details.