Pathway Innovations Gives Pedagogy a Grand Tech Assist at ISTELive 22 With Cutting-Edge Solutions

unnamed 37LAS VEGAS, June 24, 2022 — Pathway Innovations Inc., an innovative technology leader in the education and enterprise markets, continues its mission to erase barriers to learning and teaching with all-new classroom solutions at ISTELive 22. In booth 1831, attendees will see the all new eGlass Station that integrates an eGlass lightboard onto an all-in-one mobile teaching podium; HoverCam SOLO Air, the world’s first and only document camera with wireless USB capability; and the Opus Sound System, a smart ceiling microphone array that combines cutting-edge beamforming technology with real-time voice amplification to lift the teacher’s voice from anywhere in the classroom.

“While today’s classroom has never been more technologically advanced, collaborative, and forward-thinking, it’s created new hurdles for educators and students that must be solved,” said Bayley Pierson, Pathway Innovations’ Director of Marketing. “We’ve leveraged our decades in the education space and engineering expertise to identify those problems and create great hardware and software solutions that will improve learning outcomes for everyone. In our booth, attendees will see innovations that inspire teacher mobility, from our category redefining wireless USB document camera, SOLO Air, replicating the lag-free, plug-and-play experience of a traditional wired document camera to a new eGlass Station that can go anywhere to our ultimate ‘mic drop’ — the Opus Far Field Sound System. Plus, we’ll be giving away several eGlass lightboards during the show.”

eGlass Station, Bringing the Innovation of eGlass to an All-in-One Mobile Teaching Podium

The eGlass Station solves the challenge of finding desk space in already crowded classrooms for our transformative lightboard, eGlass. The all-in-one mobile podium integrates a next-generation eGlass lightboard onto a mobile, battery-powered height-adjustable podium. The innovative, award-winning eGlass is a transparent glass writing surface that utilizes ChromaClear technology and adjustable LED lighting to intensify pen ink with an eye-catching and highly visible glow along with a camera so students can see their teacher’s face within the same window as they write on the glass whiteboard.

The new eGlass Station boasts the latest eGlass enhancements: RGB glass lights that introduce multiple color combination possibilities to make marker ink glow in newer, brighter colors. The stand is also equipped with two pull-out shelves to hold a laptop, document cameras, or other teaching essentials, as well as a slide-out tray for a wireless keyboard and mouse, ensuring everything is conveniently located for fast, easy-to-conduct lessons. When bundled with the Pathway’s Beamio wireless HDMI & touch casting system, instructors can wirelessly teach from anywhere in the classroom.

“The eGlass Station is loaded with features that provide many new benefits for our teachers, and it’s almost impossible to choose a favorite. But if I had to, it would be the new teaching models this wireless podium unlocks. By cutting cables and adding wheels, teachers can depart from traditional direct instruction models and use eGlass anywhere in the classroom, paving the way for engaging blended learning models that get the ‘sage off of the stage’ and into an active learning environment,” continued Pierson.

The new eGlass station also features updated eGlassFusion software, available for all existing eGlass users. For an even better video conferencing experience, it boasts further integration with Zoom. This enables users to join and conduct Zoom meetings right from eGlassFusion, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between applications. The software also supports Zoom single sign-on, so users can log in with a more secure, seamless experience. Other software additions include a new template library that provides users with a growing catalog of digital teaching templates, such as graphs, charts, and diagrams. Educators can drag these templates into the software window to make them appear on eGlass digitally, and then write over them, blending physical ink with digital resources.

HoverCam SOLO Air, an Evolution in Secure, Wireless Document Cameras

Pathway is redefining the document camera with the HoverCam SOLO Air. Thanks to new OmniCast wireless technology, SOLO Air can wirelessly connect to any computer, compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, or Chromebook, without software changes, no drivers to install, no weblink to download, passwords to enter, or requiring help from IT or technology staff. Simply plug in the included pocket-sized transmitter to your computer via USB or display via HDMI, and wireless video flows as if the camera was physically plugged in. The built-in battery gives SOLO Air up to 6 hours of cable-free use.

SOLO Air is the first wireless document camera that requires no setup to deploy district wide. It is designed to be IT friendly and eliminates hassle.

With SOLO Air, students will enjoy crisp text and incredible imagery that feels personal and hands-on, thanks to its massive 16 megapixel sensor providing flawless, UHD clarity. The wireless signal is seamless with no lag, buffering, or fuzziness, so students can immediately see and learn about the smallest subject matter details up close. It is also interoperable with Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other platforms, so teachers can stream the shot via their chosen video conferencing platform with image quality and versatility that far exceeds that of a webcam. Like the rest of Pathway Innovations’ HoverCam document camera family, SOLO Air includes the Flex 11 software, featuring whiteboard capabilities, digital annotation, split screen, picture-in-picture, lesson recording, and more.

Opus Sound System

The Opus Sound System integrates beamforming microphone array technology with live PA that amplifies the teacher’s voice without the need for a lapel or pendant microphone. Wherever the teacher is in the classroom, Opus can intelligently detect the active speaker’s voice and amplify it while eliminating other voices and unnecessary background noise, through active echo and noise cancellation, as well as automatic gain control. It actively eliminates feedback loops, allowing it to capture and amplify voice in the same room in real-time. Opus’s intelligent zoning feature will give teachers the ability to listen-in on specific areas of their classroom without the need to position a microphone for each huddle space, a particularly useful feature for monitoring small group discussions. Covering an entire classroom, the single microphone solution is easily installed on the ceiling and connects to existing speaker systems.

During the show, visitors to the Pathway Innovations booth will have a chance to win one of three eGlass lightboards, and capture memories in the 360° photobooth.

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