Now You Can Have Voice-Activated Wayfinding, Thanks to Visix

Visix has announced the immediate availability of its voice-activated wayfinding applications, a digital signage software innovation that captured imaginations and real-world interest at InfoComm 2019 in June. The application comes alive through its built-in voice user interface (VUI) and provides audiences with a hands-free way to interact with screens.

Here’s a video we shot of it at InfoComm 2019:

VUI represents an evolution in audience interaction, according to Visix president and CEO Sean Matthews. Visix is using VUI to further improve the user experience by offering multi-modal interactions with screens showing any type of content.

VUI is especially ideal in wayfinding applications, where voice instructions quickly return visible maps, paths and directories on demand. The design integrates traditional wayfinding touch options and ADA controls, adding value for customers and consumers alike. VUI can assist with ADA guidelines by providing interaction options for the visually impaired. Visix also sees value for healthcare clients, where voice interaction in hospitals and medical centers can reduce the transmission of germs.

Visix’s interactive wayfinding is here.