Visix Releases Version 1.74 of AxisTV Signage Suite

axistv signage suite

Visix released version 1.74 of its AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software. This latest update provides new widget options, automatic player updates, faster load and sync times, more intuitive scheduling workflows and other updates. The AxisTV Signage Suite CMS includes renamed and repositioned buttons to make content scheduling faster and more intuitive. A new workflow now allows clients to apply a single layout to a player in just minutes, while retaining the option to use a layout playlist for more variety on screens. Several back-end updates now speed up page and image load times. Clients with large deployments can experience up to a 95% reduction in load time for certain workflows. Synchronizing content between the desktop designer and the CMS is also faster with this release.

Several content design widgets in the software have been updated to provide more options. The popular “Web Browser” widget can now be used in tandem with the “Program” widget to allow web content to interrupt a scheduled playlist. The “Event Text File” widget can now retrieve files from a web URL, and the “EMS Master Calendar” widget now supports all versions of Master Calendar to accommodate legacy version users.

As more clients move to remote work and, therefore, remote updates, Visix has reworked its software to treat digital signage players more like appliances, eliminating the need for clients to separately update their players and server. AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.74 installs a new turnkey service that enables future software versions to automatically update players without any hands-on requirements for clients.

Other version 1.74 enhancements include more standardized behaviors in the CMS, improved security for event widgets, support for TLS 1.3 and various bug fixes. Clients with a current support subscription get software updates for free, and those without can sign up for the subscription at any time.