CEDIA Expo Announces Innovation Alley Brands

Alpharetta, GA (August 27, 2019) — CEDIA Expo announced today the final list of brands exhibiting in Innovation Alley, the area on the show floor which celebrates new-to-market brands making their CEDIA Expo debut at the 2019 show. All Innovation Alley exhibitors have been in business less than three years and will receive a one-year CEDIA membership.


The Innovation Alley lineup includes:


  • SandTrapAudio, booth #3154
  • 4AMPS Technologies, booth #3155
  • Gryphon Online Safety, Inc., booth #3156
  • Invocasa PosterBits, booth #3157
  • Inception Innovations LLC, booth #3159
  • madVR Labs, booth #3254
  • Zappiti, booth #3255
  • Emporia Energy, booth #3257
  • Caavo Inc, booth #3259
  • Swidget, booth #3354
  • doqxD, booth #3355
  • Red Carpet Home Cinema, booth #3356
  • Hero Labs, booth #3359
  • A Cloud of My Own, booth #3455
  • Artio Lifestyle Lighting, booth #3456
  • CIWare Labs, booth #3457
  • Copilot, booth #3459
  • Konnected Inc, booth #3554
  • Home Assistant, booth 3555
  • NexusLink, booth #3557
  • Morpheus 360, booth #3559
  • Firedome Inc., booth #3560


Also new for CEDIA Expo 2019, all Innovation Alley exhibitors are automatically entered into the TechStarter program. Brands will pitch products and services to industry leaders for a chance to be chosen as a “TechStarter FIVE”. If chosen, they will participate in media training, interviews, a panel discussion, and a chance to win a $2,500 cash prize.



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