Newline One-Ups (No, Blows Away) DTEN ME With New At-Home UCC Appliance Called FLEX


Newline Interactive entered a new market category today with its first desktop collaboration solution called FLEX. The Newline FLEX is an all-in-one 27-inch touch monitor designed for desktop UCC for small office, home office and school office settings.

The 27” desktop monitor is literally an all-in-one collaboration (UCC) appliance with capacitive touch, full device touchback capability (with palm rejection), USB Type C connectivity (with power) and an active stylus. End users will be able to use Newline FLEX in conjunction with their current devices via USB Type C but it also has its own built-in echo-canceling mic, 2.1-channel speaker and a 4K pan-and-tilt-based camera, too. As with all Newline products, the Newline FLEX will be non-proprietary, working with all UC software clients and is easily customizable. In fact, it works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Meet and nearly every other UCC software platform.

Newline FLEX is expected to be in stock and ready to ship early 2021.