New Shuttle PC Designed for Sharp AQUOS BOARDs

The new Shuttle PN-SPCi7W10S PC is now available as an add-on solution for the entire AQUOS BOARD interactive display line. Equipped with an Intel Core i7-6700 Skylake Processor and 8GB RAM/256GB internal SSD, the PN-SPCi7W10S can operate up to three AQUOS BOARD interactive displays from this single PC. When using three PN-L803C AQUOS BOARD interactive displays, the Shuttle PC uses Sharp Pen Software with integrated Wide Board mode to recognize the multiple screens as a breathtaking, super wide screen.

The Shuttle PN-SPCi7W10S PC is expected to be available for shipment later this month and orders may be placed immediately. It will list for $2,450 and weigh five pounds. But, it’s designed to fit behind the AQUOS BOARD. Here are the details.