Nanolumens Details InfoComm Booth Plans

nanolumens infocomm 2023

Nanolumens has detailed its plans for next week’s InfoComm Show in Orlando. The company will be in booth #1781 as well as supporting the Moment Factory Interactive Experience in booth #361. That collaboration with Moment Factory, called Ethereal Entities, utilizes Nanolumens dvLED screens and was created through Kinect, scanning and tracking technologies.

In addition to that interactive experience, Nanolumens’ primary booth will feature several large videowall displays with content and digital artistry from FusionCI, Moment Factory, Render Impact, DreamLabs, Gentilhomme, and our own interactive station created with Float4. That will feature Megapixel’s HELIOS Processing Platform, which has interchangeable input formats, including ST2110.

Helios is the only LED processor in the market to offer native ST2110 ingestion with IPMX ready capabilities” says Nanolumens CRO, Kurt DeYoung. “Additionally, we’ve got new ideas to share, and are leading two manufacturers’ training sessions on June 14th. From 9:30am – 10:30 am, we will present “The Digital Interface System, its effect on design and cost, and available options for successful deployment” which speaks to the importance of how processors fit into the system architecture of DVLED screens and designs. Later that day, from 1:00pm – 2:00 pm, we will present “The Changing Face of Direct View LED” – a look at the changing landscape and the many applications of dvLED.”

“Let’s not forget the products! We’ll be showcasing a technology presentation with the newest product in our Nixel Flex line, a 0.9mm pixel pitch True Curve videowall. We’ll also be featuring our new Engage Pro Series COB dvLED, and a new remote monitoring platform, NanoSuite in partnership with Smart Monkeys. This powerful tool can control, monitor, and manage complex display systems from one location. Our collaboration with Smart Monkeys provides designers, architects, and system integrators more control over their most complex dvLED screen networks”, says Brice McPheeters, VP of Product and Planning.