Meridian Adds New G65 Digital Surround Controller

G65_1_1-1113Meridian’s new flagship audio-only processor is its G65: a 19-input digital surround processor with eight SpeakerLink digital (RJ45) and eight analog balanced (XLR) outputs. The 19 inputs include one MMHR (Meridian Multichannel High Resolution) port that is designed to accept audio from their own HDMI switcher, two SpeakerLink inputs, six S/PDIF inputs, two Toslink ports and eight analog phono (RCA) ports. In addition, the G65 includes a 12-volt tripper, an IR port, plus USB and RS232 control.

G65 includes the full range of DSP presets from Meridian, including cinema and discrete, as well as a trifield system setting, which uses the entire surround playback system to bring an immersive listening experience to two-channel content. Trifield fully decodes the stereo stage for left, center and right front-stage loudspeakers, instead of solely left and right, giving it a more stable image.

Meridian says that central to the G65 is its DSP engine made up of five Freescale processor devices delivering 750 MIPS (million instructions per second). All processing is carried out at high sample rates and with up to 48-bit precision, far beyond human hearing. This DSP engine is also responsible for G65’s comprehensive bass management system which can support up to three separate subwoofers, and for managing the up to 60 filters created by Meridian’s Room Correction software.

Full specs can be found here.