A UCC Device Should Be as Flexible as Today’s Workforce. Meet Coolpo’s AI Huddle Mini.


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By Chane Huang

Hybrid work is here to stay. It’s no secret that the workforce looks different than it did three years ago (or even one year ago), and changes in work come with changes in expectations. It’s no longer enough to throw a camera anywhere in a conference room and it’s no longer enough for only half the people at the table to be visible to remote meeting participants. We expect better, and we deserve better — joining a meeting should be easy, whether you’re joining from home or from a huddle space at the office. That’s where the AI Huddle Mini comes in.

Showstopping Features

At first glance, it’s a camera, but the AI Huddle Mini is so much more. Think of it as your one-stop-shop device to provide a seamless meeting experience in your huddle room (or even at your house). While we at Coolpo are known primarily for our flagship product, the AI Huddle Pana, the Mini is made to cover scenarios that the Pana can’t.

We know huddle rooms aren’t all created equal. While the Pana is made to be placed in the middle of a room, that’s not always an option. With the AI Huddle Mini, you can place the device anywhere you see fit — even at the side of the room — and move it as necessary via its adjustable clasp that can be used multiple ways. Its 110-degree field of view and six-microphone system (that reaches up to 26 feet) are made to accommodate all the participants in your huddle room without missing anyone. We even frame individual people and display them smoothly and individually in the videoconference. Additionally, we provide a few functions that are different from anything on the market.

Frame Master

Why bother having a meeting when all participants can’t be seen or heard? With the Mini’s Frame Master feature, the device will automatically detect anyone entering or leaving the camera range. Whether someone enters the room late or another person leaves early, the Frame Master Video Setting self-calibrates independently to better emphasize all meeting participants.

Division Master

What’s more? With the AI Huddle Mini’s Division Master feature, all participants in the camera’s range (up to seven people) are added to separate frames in a gallery view — giving remote participants a clearer view of their in-office counterparts. While similar functions like this exist on the market already, most of them track people based on sound. We track based on movement and gesture via Presenter Mode, a better option for cameras potentially placed at the side of a room.

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Presenter Mode

With Presenter Mode, the host simply has to raise a hand — the AI Huddle Mini will then zoom in on the designated presenter and follow them around the camera’s field of view. To disable this feature, the host has to repeat the gesture. Another person can then move to be the new host of the meeting; by repeating the gesture, the process begins again.

More Features:

  • One Click — Users can easily press the button on the device to switch between AI-camera mode and regular mode.
  • Background Noise Cancellation — As mentioned above, the device includes a six-microphone array system that ensures clear delivery to all meeting participants without any distracting background noise.
  • Flexible Installation — With the Mini’s adjustable clasp, the device can sit on a tabletop, clip on top of a display or on a tripod.
  • Sleek Design — the AI Huddle Mini was designed to be simple, lightweight and elegant. We believe devices should be beautiful; that’s why we modeled the Mini after the Egyption “Ba” bird.

The AI Huddle Mini Is Built Different

With our industry rapidly changing, we are constantly working to ensure our products perform better. With our free app, CoolpoTools, users can always update their existing products free of charge. We believe in our products, and we believe they should stand the test of time.

The Bottom Line

At Coolpo, we’re uniquely equipped to help you be a pioneer in the meeting equity movement. That’s why we made a product as flexible as today’s workforce is. We’ve been a stakeholder in the UCC space since 2017 — after noticing the shift and reliance on cloud-based telecommunications. We saw the potential and believed in it, thus creating the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana. We see that same potential in the Mini. We know the future is hybrid work. We understand that many offices have flex spaces rather than dedicated huddle rooms. With the AI Huddle Mini, you now have a product that’s made to work the same way you do. After all, our ultimate goal is in our name — Coolpo: Making cool products that connect people to organizations.

The AI Huddle Mini is now shipping for $499. For a full list of specs, click here. To learn more information or book a demo, click here.