Matrox Video Wall Portfolio Now Compatible with Neets Control Systems

Matrox Graphics Inc. has announced that its portfolio of Matrox Mura capture, encode, decode and display cards is now compatible with the complete range of intuitive, user-friendly control systems from Neets. Enabled through a dedicated Neets device driver that is automatically accessible within the Neets software, system integrators and AV builders now have a simple, centralized and cost-effective option to access and manage Matrox Mura-based video walls within AV-control environments.

The Matrox video wall portfolio features the industry’s most comprehensive set of integrator-friendly, multi-functional, single-slot boards, and when paired with Neets’ industry-renowned control systems, offers a platform that drastically simplifies the integration process. Leveraging the Neets device driver, system integrators can now support installations featuring seamless, real-time video wall communications from a Neets touch panel and control system to a Matrox-based video wall controller via RS232. Users can then effortlessly manage baseband and IP sources on local or networked video walls — alongside full room, light and audio control — for truly smart operations.

“Users of AV equipment will benefit greatly from a collaboration where advanced products like Matrox Mura cards are combined with a user-friendly interface such as a Neets Control System,” says Steen V. Larsen, head of support at Neets. He continues, “With easy and intuitive control, users can experience an innovative AV system that will help them focus on their work and collaboration with others, instead of spending time struggling with how an AV system works.”

“Every AV project will always pose a unique set of installation challenges, but the Matrox/Neets cooperation is designed to conveniently ‘automate’ the video wall and AV control portion of the implementation,” says Fadhl Al-Bayaty, business development manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. “This solution will widen project opportunities for integrators, who can now readily address the increasing demand of video walls that are fast-becoming an integral part of every AV ecosystem.’’

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