Origin Acoustics’ New Deep Subwoofer Collection Ships

Origin Acoustics just told us its new line of freestanding subwoofers is now available. The Deep subwoofer collection features four models that blend the performance qualities necessary for both music and cinema sound.

The single driver models will feature 8, 10 and 12-inch aluminum drivers with accompanying passive radiators. They will be driven by 300, 600 and 1,000 watts of Class D power respectively. A dual 12-inch version with two active drivers and 1,200 watts of power will round out the collection.

Onboard DSP will allow for a single band of EQ to be parametrically adjusted via a Bluetooth connected app on the phone. Adjustments will include frequency, level and bandwidth. There are four, user adjustable, presets to save the EQ curves once they have been finalized. An auto EQ function is also included in the app using the phone’s microphone to adjust for a specific listening position.

During the entire development process, the team was focused on a unique look and feel. Unlike the majority of subwoofers that reside in a non-descript black box, the Deep subs will have a fashionable flair. The cabinet will be completely wrapped in a woven cloth with an aluminum top and short aluminum legs to suspend the cabinet off the floor.

The Deep subs will range in price from $650 – $2,000 and are here.