Lutron Electronics Expands Ivalo Collection of Architectural LED Fixtures

lutron-ivalo-1015Lutron Electronics has introduced new additions to its Ivalo Collection of high-end Architectural LED Fixtures. These new upgrades offer added custom options for high-end residential and architectural applications and Lutron is guaranteeing flicker-free 1 percent dimming.

The Finiré 3″ LED Recessed Lighting has expanded its range of field changeable beam spreads from 15 degree narrow spot to 60 degree wide flood. Architects, specifiers and lighting designers can now design a space with Finiré for any application including high ceiling applications that require narrower optics- with high light output or accent lighting that requires narrow spot optics.

The new Finiré products are also available with a trimless pinhole, upgrading the aesthetics of this line with a cleaner look and smaller opening in the ceiling. Lastly, the Finiré line will be offered with a wall wash lens. This lens paired with the adjustable fixture option spreads the light in a horizontal direction providing continuous soft lighting to evenly illuminate walls.

The Ivalo Pendant & Sconce Family is designed to be an architectural element. With the LED option, the Ivalo collection now comes in a 3000K color temperature option in addition to 2700K and 3500K. This option still maintains the warm, intimate setting of a room, but brings a slightly whiter light for added design options and preference. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, this added color temperature allows designers, specifiers and architects to customize the atmosphere and aesthetics of a room.