Lutron Extends its Family of Keypads, Dimmers and Accessories

lutron-keypads-1015Lutron Electronics today announced several expansions to its lighting control systems.

Palladium keypad: The design of the Palladiom keypad ties into the HomeWorks QS system, bringing total lighting control of the HomeWorks QS system. The Palladiom keypad is the first of its kind to feature buttons and faceplates made of the same material – plastic, glass or metal – for a coordinated aesthetic. Its customizable button layout and programming accommodates virtually any function. Additionally, it has large, tactile buttons with backlit, engraved text that are simple to operate and easy to find in a darkened room. Its variable backlight intensity controlled through Lutron’s Dynamic Backlight Management provides the right brightness for any ambient lighting conditions.

GRAFIK T: This has no knobs, buttons, or sliders — just touch anywhere along the LED light bar to set lights to the right level. Lutron’s HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 systems will feature a new GRAFIK T phase selectable dimmer that not only works with incandescent halogen lights like the previous version, but also practically any load type, including LEDs. The dimmer continues to add the unique, distinct style of this architectural control family to any space.

Up until now, only the GRAFIK T dimmer and switch were available for the HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 systems. This keypad replaces a light switch and offers system dimming control of the attached load while also functioning as a keypad. It will boost performance while keeping a consistent, high-end look throughout the home.

Lutron is now offering new accessory devices, including 15 amp and 20 amp duplex receptacles, USB and GFCI receptacles that allow Palladiom and GRAFIK T to be ganged. The result is a coordinated look throughout the home.

seeTouch C.L. Hybrid Keypad: The seeTouch C.L. Hybrid Keypad will now have the ability to control LED loads while maintaining its high performance dimming, flexible button configurations and custom engraved buttons with backlighting.

These new products will be available in early 2016 with the following suggested list prices:

  • Palladiom keypad: from $300, depending on finish
  • GRAFIK T phase-selectable dimmer: $299
  • GRAFIK T hybrid keypad: $549
  • seeTouch C.L. hybrid keypad: $399 for RadioRA 2 and $499 for HomeWorks QS